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+1, same here. Plug n play worked fine for me.
I'm currently in love with my Audio Technica ATH-A700. they are extremely comfortable (I wore them 4 hours straight on plane ride with no discomfort) and isolate pretty well. The sound quality is superb, and they go for about $120 USD on amazon.com
This thread seems to have experienced a change of heart...
+1 on amazon
They sound just fine straight out of my iPod, it has no trouble driving them at all. I have a 120GB iPod Classic from late 2008, btw it is one of the iPods known for actually using good components.
http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/472277/best-value-for-laptop-udac-vs-fiio-e7-vs-new-headstage-cable-dac-wolfson-chip-vs-headstage-dac-stick-wolfson-dac-amp   http://www.techenclave.com/reviews-and-previews/fiio-e7-usb-headphone-amplifier-dac-169245.html   Keep in mind that Micca is constantly updating these things as they are shipping out, I got a much better version than I bargained for.
Those look okay......but I'd agree with the next post.   +1, I couldn't agree more. You will find something better than these if you can bump the budget up a couple Hamiltons.
Yup, Cmoys are some of the best, they only use analog components and top of the line ones at that. (I'm talking 8-9 bucks for the TI dual op-amp chip, the OPA2132 alone)
I would have to suggest the A700 only because they get better  reviews and they don't sound "veiled" to me as other headphones do. They are also at a reasonable price point being what they are.
They make 7 channel surround sound gaming headphones...if you are into that.... http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-7-1-Channel-Surround-Sound-Headset/dp/B001O5CCQK
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