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+1, same here. Plug n play worked fine for me.
I'm currently in love with my Audio Technica ATH-A700. they are extremely comfortable (I wore them 4 hours straight on plane ride with no discomfort) and isolate pretty well. The sound quality is superb, and they go for about $120 USD on
This thread seems to have experienced a change of heart...
+1 on amazon
They sound just fine straight out of my iPod, it has no trouble driving them at all. I have a 120GB iPod Classic from late 2008, btw it is one of the iPods known for actually using good components.   Keep in mind that Micca is constantly updating these things as they are shipping out, I got a much better version than I bargained for.
Those look okay......but I'd agree with the next post.   +1, I couldn't agree more. You will find something better than these if you can bump the budget up a couple Hamiltons.
Yup, Cmoys are some of the best, they only use analog components and top of the line ones at that. (I'm talking 8-9 bucks for the TI dual op-amp chip, the OPA2132 alone)
I would have to suggest the A700 only because they get better  reviews and they don't sound "veiled" to me as other headphones do. They are also at a reasonable price point being what they are.
They make 7 channel surround sound gaming headphones...if you are into that....
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