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They are my first good headphones, and I am extremely pleased with them. My post count goes up as the Audio Technica sales go up I guess.   But I'll carry that banner, no problem
I have the closed ATH-A700 and they are almost the same, maybe a bit more comfy, and they also have a cloth covered (imagine: tweed) cable, which i very nice. The AD700 were my first option but decided I wanted something closed.
I have plugged my ATH-A700 in to my line6 amp (PoS I know) and they sound pretty good. They are about $120 USD and they are closed , over the ear, and very comfortable.
Hey, I'll wear my ATH-A700 in public, and they are big too...   And +1 on hoping they sound passable, they do look kinda cool...
M50 are portable and they get great reviews
I'd advise against coiled: go for straight. A coiled cable banging up against your desk/body/what have you can create a lot of noise that transmits to the headphone cups. That Is why I love the ATH-A700. They have a cloth covered straight cable, and it does not transmit any noise up to the headphones.
  the ATH-A700 sound fine unamped as well
Audio Technica ATH-A700 are extremely comfy and they isolate very well, and at a good price point.
  +1 I own these and they are my first good headphones. They are great.
I think that if you ordered it a couple years ago, it's gone through a couple important revisions since then.   Edit: they all have a plexi screen and metal frame
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