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Having a self-taught background in Electrical Engineering, I'd say that they would likely leech off your signal (they are probably there for noise reduction), and therefor that would be a correct decision in removing them. I'd wait to hear from other before doing that though, I could be wrong.
Well, if you are using the OPA2132: you can see that it will tolerate up to a +/- 18v supply. That means you could use x4 9-volt cells to power it. They run well at most voltages, but I would use x2 nine volt batteries in order to achieve a +/- 9 supply. The battery life isn't really affected but they will most likely distort less at higher voltages.
Yeah, I have a digital temp controlled station that I got about a year ago, and I LOVE it. =extremely geeky birthday present
Hmm. Thanks. Yeah, I'd consider myself pretty advanced at soldering (try hand soldering an 0402 smt resistor) but I've never been able to get the perfect beads like that. I've probably been using perfboard that has too small of copper rings.Maybe. Probably not thought, I just need to practice.
I personally have not noticed that harshness in treble on mine. I did burn mine in a couple nights before judging them, so you might try letting them sit with some very dynamic music and/or pink noise before doing the same.
Crap that should read "a large sound difference for a small size difference"   And I'd recommend using 2 9volts to get a +/- 9v power supply, it'll give you a little more headroom.
Ouch. 3rd page, 27 views, no posts.   I can point you to this website, which has a lot of DIY amp info and kits and such: DIY Audio
  Is there a certain technique you use to get those perfect, bead-like solder paths? I've been looking for a long time to figure out how to make them so pretty.  
I tried 220uf and eventually went to 470uf as it made a large sound difference for a small sound difference.
The nice thing about Cmoy amps is that they can be heavily modified and customized.. what voltage are you using?
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