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  Yeah, I'm hoping I can get used to it as well. I only ever had one pair of over-the-ear IEMs, and I think they were some old Altec-Lansings or something.
  Punctuation, good sir! Punctuation! Also, sounds like he got told.
I have owned two pairs of these IEMs over the past four years. The most recent pair only lasted around a year and a half. I was generally happy with their sound, it was pretty bassy and the soundstage was reasonable for the price point. However, having bought the Audio-Technica ATH-A700s and ATH-M50s for by desktop listening, I decided it was time to upgrade my portable setup. I took the plunge on some VSONIC GR07s from this ebay seller, as it was much cheaper than...
It's been a while since I've been active on Head-Fi, but I know how we are with the holy-wars on full size phones. That being said, I'm not looking to get Sennheisers. Just throwing that out there. I am however, looking to upgrade my Audio Technica ATH-A700s. What is the next level up in terms of headphones? I don't want to drop $300 bucks on top of the line ones, but I'm not going to be stingy either. I currently use a Fiio e7 DAC from my laptop for listening...
I don't want to turn off any purists, as I do own and use my ATH-A700's but now I've started looking for some full-size phones that sound good and have a mic built in. I drive my ATH-A700's with a Fiio e7, but I'm not sure whether gaming phones have the mic line built into the 1/8th connector or have a separate one. Does anybody have any recommendations? Thanks all!
Same story here, mostly open mouths, gasps, and amazement at my ATH-A700s as compared to earbuds. (Plus they're extremely comfy). Then dubious looks as they find out that I spent over $100 on them.
Its better to be safe and use 25v caps if you have room, then if one fails and all the voltage goes through one of them, you won't have to pick pieces of capacitor electrolyte out of your eyes. And trust me, they CAN explode! One of my coworkers almost got a tantalum cap to the face when it blew up after receiving 8 volts more than its rating. It was like the Fourth of July.   So its better to play it safe and use caps that could handle a short in your power supply,...
+1   Harbor freight is in fact, extremely meh.
Hmm....that looks like a very unprofessional PCB build......   EDIT: I mean the PCB itself, not the soldering job....sorry.
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