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Well.....I actually will get them UPS this Friday...and I actually got the A700s not the AD700s. The only difference it a wider frequency range, 64ohms imp. vs 32 ohms, and the A700s are closed back instead of open back. I must have read 100s of reviews on them, and they all say they are rather well balanced, as long as you have a good source. So I'll be able to answer that question on Friday, I guess.
You're welcome.
If music is primary then Siberia's shouldn't be an option. I was just reading more about them, and I guess I was kinda a n00b the first time I listened to was a while ago...disregard the good comments on them.
Lets try to stay on topic
Skullcandy and Bose are the most overrated. If you google "skullcandy" the second suggestion is "Skullcandy Warranty" hahahaha. That just about says it all. I'm sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for my ATH-A700s to arrive.....they had better be good.......
I didn't read through all the posts, but have you listened to the Steel Series Siberia v2? My buddy let me listen to them , and wow, talk about good gaming headphones. Deep Bass, clear mids, and balanced highs. Integrated microphone too. Solely for music though, I just got the ATH-A700 from Audio Technica. They cost about 50% more, but they have much better ratings and specs.
I just ordered some A700s for $115 from, and I hope to God that they are as good as the 50 people that gave them 5 stars on amazon say they are. I mean, we can all nitpick, but are these really that bad in the mids (and vocals)? My nice headphones broke a while ago and I needed replacements, and in the meantime I have been using Skullcandy Hesh's (warning: piece of crap) with little satisfaction in the comfort and sound quality departments.   I will write...
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