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  Haha, I assumed so, you're clearly been here much much longer than I have!
  Yeah there is a thread for good music for personal benchmarking of headphones (I actually have it open in another tab right now) (   And in trying to keep it on topic as well, people always stare at me funny for having my ATH-A700s, due to the sheer size of the cans. Then they put them on, and forget they are there.
I kinda just wish that this song had more sub bass in it, it's a fantastic tune, one of my all time favorites:    
  Wow, this song is fantastic, it reminds me a lot of Massive Attack!
I'm going to have to throw in some electronic music here, it's my main interest. (Artist - Song) Congorock - Babylon Mat Zo & Arty - Mozart Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound (I'll think of more)
  Here is a direct quote from the seller. I was asking if it was the same as the ones on " Dear conrthomas,Dear conrthomas:Thank you for paying attention to our item.Actually, the earphone sold in Amazon looks like an old edition GR07 Pro which was released 2 years ago, whereas our item is GR07 MK2 which is the latest edition released recently. If you compare our pictures with theirs you may find there are some differences in the logo and color of wire as the...
  I haven't received mine yet, but I was told I would be receiving both.
  Oh man, I can't wait to listen to so good old fashioned DnB, and some House too. But Tool will certainly be a priority. First song to listen to though.... I usually de-virginize all my headphones  with Master of Puppets in FLAC, but I'm thinking this one might deserve something newer, like Congorock - Babylon.... (which, by the way, is a fantastic blend of drums, treble melodies, and a turn-your-bones-to-jello drop)
@H20Fidelity,   You have absolutely no idea how excited you've made me to get the same pair, from the same vendor. I ordered them on 6/26 and they are already in the US, on their way to me.... they're currently in customs in San Fran, and should be en route to me (in WA State) shortly!  
  I emailed the seller here and just bought one. He said they are indeed the mark 2, he was very polite about it.
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