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I'll definitely try to make it out to this! I don't have any interesting gear to bring though.
Yes, just noticed the error and fixed it, haha.
  I found a e17/e9 combo on ebay for around $170 that I'm going to pick up. That should to well I would imagine.
iPod Classic 5th Gen output (or any crappy output) doesn't do the thing justice. I have a Fiio e7 that I use with my PC, and they sound fantastic through it. I'm getting a e17/e9 combo in a few days, I'll let you know how they sound through that behemoth.
Update on my situation:   I received the correct ones in the mail on Saturday, and the ebay seller included a 1/8 1/4 adapter as well as a circular hard shell case. They are indeed the MkII as per the box and the styling of the cable shapers for the ears.   Also, they sound FANTASTIC.   That is all.
So, the seller has shipped out the correct one, apparently. Hoping to get them soon, this makes 2 weeks without IEMs now. :(
  That's what I'm probably going to do. He said it was actually the shipper's fault. They sent my 07 to a guy in britain and I got his 06.
  I got this email from the seller not long after contacting him. He was very apologetic, and is letting me keep the GR-06s, which I may just pawn off to a friend to recoop some money. I can see it was an honest mistake, and I'm hoping it doesn't take too long to get the correct ones.   "Thank you for telling us first. We are so sorry about this matter.We are checking the waybill and shipped item. If we shipped a wrong headphone actually, we will send the correct item you...
  That's what I'm hoping. I'm fairly sure it was an honest mistake, as you obviously got the correct one, as did others. Plus, he was very kind. Fingers crossed.
  Hopefully he still has them in stock, the inept but kind man sent me the GR06 instead of the GR07. Sent him a message, I'm waiting for a response. If I don't get one in 36 or so hours, I'm disputing the payment, and taking my business elsewhere.
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