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Thanks, I had not considered that one.  It seems like the Predator and the Pico are front-runners, with the Predator winning out on the soundstage battle.  If anyone can comment on how these two compare to a Micro DAC + Micro Amp, I would appreciate it.
I'm looking for a small, portable DAC+Amp that can rival my Headroom Micro stack in sound quality.  In particular, I am most interested in equivalent levels of separation and sound stage.  The particular sound signature is not as much of a concern (I will be using an EQ on the computer) as long as it is not too out of whack.  No tubes, stacks, or bulky power supplies (unless to charge re-chargeable batteries).  This will be used from a usb laptop output and will drive...
That would be great!  This forum is the best.  Please let me know if you find them.
For some reason, these are the only tips that seem to fit my ears.  There are a few different versions of Apple's IEM, and I am looking for tips from one specific type, pictured here:   I only really want the large size.  If you have some of these, please let me know!  
I haven't had much success in increasing the soundstage of the RE-Zero by EQ-ing, so I've pumped up the mids on the IE8 instead.  I'm still testing it out, but this is my favorite setup so far.  Here is how I have it set:   Lowest bass adjustment setting; Preamp: -8dB;   Hz -- dB 32 -- 0 64 -- 0 125 -- 0 250 -- 0 500 -- +3 1k -- +8 2k -- +8 4k -- +3 8k -- 0 16k -- 0  
Still for sale - not looking for trades at the moment.
No response from the original owner - guess it's not his problem anymore.   These are still for sale at $180.  I intentionally priced these low to compensate for the lack of original packaging, and I think the price is still fair despite the missing accessories.  The bottom line is that these earphones are genuine and pristine, period. 
Thanks for that additional information.  Unfortunately I don't really have any answers.  I have emailed the original owner and will update the thread with any responses.   In the mean time, if anyone has any concerns about the whether the earphones/cable are genuine, I would be happy to take more pictures.  Just let me know what you want to see. 
Well, that's a good question.  I am quite curious about that too!  This is everything I received from the original owner, and I guess I just assumed it had everything.  Honestly, this was my first "hi-fi" purchase, and at the time, I thought it would be my last (how naive).  The point being that I wasn't too concerned with any lack of packaging/documentation/etc as long as they were real.   I apologize for the missing pieces, but full disclosure here - what you see is...
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