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I have had the older version for over two years, in that time i have had to replace the plug around a year ago and the casing came apart on the left ear piece this also caused the connection between the armature to be severed but it soldered back on easily and they are still going strong. They have been used almost daily cycling travelling etc... So they haven't exactly had an easy life i however think they have lasted well and the sound is still properly impressive. With...
Yeah sorry about the grammar Basically both the 80ohm and 32ohm will work on a mp3 player however the volume will not be as loud on the 80ohm as they require more voltage to reach an equal volume. So if you will only listen on a portable device and/or laptop the 32ohm is the one i would recommend as they will be running closer to their overall potential straight from a portable device. However if in the near future you will consider buying a headphone amp such as a cmoy or...
Sorry about the grammar the bloody auto correct on my playbook is useless
As i own the dt770pro 80ohm i can say the clarity is very good with great bass and highs the mids are a little recessed but only very slightly.As a guess I would say the 32ohm version will have more bloated bass and less refinement in the highs the 80ohm will sound good from an mp3 player however the volume may not be ear bleeding they are adequate for me however i almost always u use a portable amp but even a fiio e5 or e6 will improve things and will improve further with...
Basically beyer do their headphones in different resistance ratings(impedances) generally the higher the impedance the more refined the sound however a dedicated headphone amp is needed.So a 32 ohm perfect for a ipod or decent mp3 player80ohm ok for an ipod however a portable or dedicated headphone amp will improve matters250 ohm a good quality portable or static amp needed600 ohm dedicated headphone amp neededSo the dt990 32 ohm will be good straight from an ipod if sound...
As hipster2010 said the dt770 80ohm (my current favourite can i own) sound good out of and ipod however they improve with amping so they are a good can for a future improvement in your system and imo better than the m50
Really really they are fantastic for classical as they have a good bordering excellent soundstage so are also good for movies however they do lack alot of sub bass so not good for dubstep.Take my opinion with a grain of salt as everyone is different but go and read some reviews as there is quite a few here on headfi and make the decision for yourself
For sheer comfort and build quality the beyers are the best that i have seen in any headphone i have ever owned as they have all user replaceable parts where afaik the audio technicas don't and are no where near as comfortable if you have a large head and/or ears. Also they sound far superior to the m50's imoOne massive vote for the beyers
It depends on the type of music that you listen on them as grado excel at rock and the at 500and 700excell at classical and some jazz overall it depends on your choice in music
The creatives are closed so will provide decent isolation but if you want to go for pure sq open back is the way to go and then i would probably say to have a look at the audio technica ath ad500 or 700 or the grado sr60 or alessandro ms1It however depends on your needs/requirements
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