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Link to the old thread, the Google doc of attendees and what gear they would bring is still online. Last time we also paid a small entrance fee to help cover the cost for the venue.   Anyone bringing an inear Stagediver?
a RHA MA750i as good as new   Looking to trade for a HiFiMAN RE-400 or an iPod Classic (80gb or better)   selling price: 70 € + shipping (paypal included)
Count me in!
Just a few pics     Negakinu's broch... headphone rack     HolyWA6               Hendrix, Electric Ladyland. nuff said...       Also a big thanks for a superbly organized meet. (For those who couldn't come: we got greeted warmly at the door, the tables had cookies on them and we got free drinks. And soup at noon ) Everyone was so nice, helpful and respectful. Cant wait for the next meet!
Just got home, 3h30 train ride turned into 5h30...   But still great meet everyone!  
Baxshop   This one was 59 €. It's a turntable flightcase.  
The right channel of my hf5 recently died. When I got my replacements, I was glad to see they've updated the jack.    
I had a conversation in a folder. Then received a new message (part of the same conversation), when I tried to move it from my in box to that same folder the whole conversation disappeared. Tried it with another conversation and same thing happened.   Although I now realize a new message in a conversation automatically goes to the same folder.   So basically I moved a conversation from my in box to a folder were it already was and that action deleted it.
I bought this amp in feb 2011 from a fellow headfier, but it no longer gets any usage. Serial number in the 7k range.   Note that price does not include shipping. Paypal please add 3%.
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