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Yeah lets do this already  
Hi Guys,   I'll be visiting Sofia next month and was wondering, are there any head-fi members in the capitol? Or does anyone know of a vinyl shop that would be worth checking out?
Since we can't seem to get enough members interested, I'm going to call this one of. Hopefully someone will organize a Dutch event in the near future!
Started a new thread:
Location:   ...   Date: TBA   Pm me if you're interested in coming.
There is plenty of parking space. I will provide sandwiches and drinks, we only need to settle on a date!
Ok, I got a venue. All I need to know is how many people will attend and what date suits everybody best.   To be clear the venue is in Bruges, Belgium (I'll start a new thread when we can agree on a date :) )
No date yet, and I'm still working on the venue. But since there seem to be a few people interested, I'll go trough with it :)
Bruges! Which is not that close to the Dutch border :( But for me it's the same where it happens, I just want it to happen. Ps there is no customs between borders anymore ;)
Any news? I might have a location to host the event here, but then everyone would have to come to Belgium
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