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Since we can't seem to get enough members interested, I'm going to call this one of. Hopefully someone will organize a Dutch event in the near future!
Started a new thread:
Location:   Pathoekeweg 9 B-8000 Bruges   Date: TBA   Pm me if you're interested in coming.
There is plenty of parking space. I will provide sandwiches and drinks, we only need to settle on a date!
Ok, I got a venue. All I need to know is how many people will attend and what date suits everybody best.   To be clear the venue is in Bruges, Belgium (I'll start a new thread when we can agree on a date :) )
No date yet, and I'm still working on the venue. But since there seem to be a few people interested, I'll go trough with it :)
Bruges! Which is not that close to the Dutch border :( But for me it's the same where it happens, I just want it to happen. Ps there is no customs between borders anymore ;)
Any news? I might have a location to host the event here, but then everyone would have to come to Belgium
Count me in!
Link to the old thread, the Google doc of attendees and what gear they would bring is still online. Last time we also paid a small entrance fee to help cover the cost for the venue.   Anyone bringing an inear Stagediver?
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