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Still enjoying the old version!! Good to see progress.
Perhaps it is good to start with a small and cheap amp (cmoy, Oatley K272) to practice soldering a PCB. I have no doubt that you can build the minimax, but I found it helpfull to get some experience with some cheap amps.
Thank you for the review, it is an excellent read. I have two questions that will help me better understand the final rating. 1) In howfar has the lengh of the cables had an influence on the final markup? 2) Did you compare them to store bought cables? I am very interested in your findings. Thanks in advance, PS: I would like to state that I have no connections to RUConnected. I am simply offering them a helping hand without any form of compensation.
I just bought a second hand pair of 5000's and I must say, they are marvellous. Absolutely brilliant. The only bad thing is the fact that I now want to listed to all of my music again. Now of to find a nice stand to show them off...
In theory yes, in practice, no. Most modern digital sources send out a signal strong enough to make up for the difference in impedance. And, since it is digital, the only concern is the signal reaching the dac. So if you want to be safe, buy this, but try without first.
Indeed a very nice layout.
If you're DVD player does not have an AES out you'll need a coax to XLR plug. But otherwise it'll work fine. I connected my pc (SPDIF) to the AES port and it works without any issue.
As I said, I would really like to build this, for these specific reasons you mentioned (high class chip and balanced output). And you are very right, I could add an SPDIF reciever board and use the I2S input. I meant no disrespect and would like to apologize if i caused any. I have great respect for designers, and my own talents in this area are non existent.But my line of thought was this: people who are going to build this already have a balanced amp. These amps are...
Hi, I'm very interested in building this. I would like to see the ground points near the output. If possible a SPDIF feature would also be very nice. However, since there a very many small (DIY) usb dacs around you might want to add something 'extra' to the dac, as a unique selling feature. The balanced outputs help alot, but this might not be enough. Please keep us informed. I'd love to build one. When are you expecting to make the pcb's?
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