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Please pm me if you have one in a good condition.
I am selling my HD250 II. These are in good condition, the cable is undamaged, the pads are stiff enough, the drivers' houses have some little scratches.
Could you recommend me very comfortble, closed headphones those have a nearest sound character to the K501's? I'm also interested in used headphones and the price limit will be 200$.
I have my AKG K501's for sale in flawles condition (only thing is the missing K501 sticker on the left side) The jack connector was replaced with a 6,3mm Neutrik. I think one of the best headphones under 300$ I've ever heard.
I have a Musiland svdac05 D/A converter for sale in flawless condition. Features: inputs: coax, BNC coax, optical, usb dac chip: TI/BURR Brown 2704
Could you recommend me a proper cable for recabling my AKG K501? I live in Europe and it is difficult to get suitable one so it would be nice to suggest European or a Chinese stores those ship to Europe at a low price.
Thanks for the ideas. I haven't find a wrong shure cable around here and replace the socket seems to be too difficult for me. Every jack connector has a "flange" which isn't allow to use a normal plug and it would be good to remove that "flange". So I try to make up how to take off it.  
Hi, I would like to recable my shure srh440 headphones. Is there any chance to find a suitable 2.5mm plug which is fits in the headphones' housing?
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