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Been using a Sansa Clip+ for a little while now, and finally got around to Rockboxing it today.   I absolutely love it.
While they are not bad, it is worthy to consider the DR150's, which are only about £46 on amazon right now. I do believe they sound much more than the £6-7 difference might imply.
Sorry if this is a little too depressing :|.  
This crossed my mind recently, mostly because of an accident that I was involved in. But how would guys cope if you suddenly was unable to enjoy the high quality gear you have brought? Especially headphones and amps.   For example, if you were to lose hearing or something like that.
As a DR150 user myself, the sound quality is great, far better than most in that price range, but I don't really see them as gaming headphones.   The sound is to in-your-face to get the upper hand I find.
Sorry guys, I might not be able to come after all.   I have just been in a traffic accident, and I have minor head injuries which will take a little while to heal.  
Buy something with a different sound signature. That sounds the simple problem here, you just don't like the sound. Everyone has different tastes.   An amp would help too mind you.
Towards the upper end, the M50 gets the most credit around here, but I am yet to have hear it.   You may get some people that say Grado SR60/80, but we get ripped off in the UK, so you might do better importing.   EDIT:   Few more things to point out:   If you live near London, and can wait until november, there will be an opportunity to try out a few headphones in a...
A tuesday isn't really ideal as I have university on the following morning. But I will still try to go. 
Thanks for the feedback.   I found some old gear and fixed the problem, it was a ground loop just as you said it could be. 
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