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  Shoulda picked this up: http://www.amazon.com/Monster-iCable-800-Player-Auxiliary/dp/B002AR5XIK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1305345980&sr=8-1 I got it for $9.50 shipped. It works and sounds perfect.   Anyways, even if the cable is fake, I doubt it will affect audio quality. Durability will be the only issue.    
Yeah, the headphones sound perfect on my desktop (better source). It's all good though. The headphones sound amazing.
Okay guys. I just got my TMA-1's and I have been listening to them for like one hour.   My first impressions: - Relatively strong build quality : Headband is very strong. I suspect the first thing break in these will most likely be the swivel cups rather than the headband, and that's saying a lot. - Fits loose, yet not enough so that sound quality is affected - Because of this, the headband will rest on your head, yet there is no padding. I have hair, so it...
  I'm just going to add that Macbook Pro's are notorious for their hissing noise. You can get rid of it with the right cable. And I agree with Hester, I like to feel the sound (esp bass). It just makes everything sound so much exciting, like I'm at a concert. In the end, for me anyways, quality of sound is not always correlational with an "exciting experience".   
Question. Do these require extensive burn in time?
Yeah I had the around ear, the ones in the link. Idk I felt like it was overkill on the exaggeration. 
It's up to the person whether or not they can hear the differences. I'm not that much of an experienced audiophile but I can discern quality relatively easily.   I bought one of aleki's TMA-1's (currently shipped) and a straight monster cable ($9 FTW) waiting for them. I also have had the over-ear Bose that you linked, and I thought they were horrible. Simply put, all of the Bose's sound felt "exaggerated" in a way. The thing that really made it weird was the treble on...
I've been doing some researching and I really can't find any hard reviews/information on portable headphones (not IEM's, which is what this sub-forum is filled with).   My criteria? Closed (Don't want my sound leaking) Comfortable (Going to be using while studying) Durable (I don't want to be buying new headphones every three months) Portable NO AMP REQUIRED!   I listen to a wide array of music...No classical though. Mostly hiphop with the occasional...
  Spot on description...My upgrade cycle was Skullcandies --> CX series --> MC5.   Same exact reaction to the sound of MC5's at first. I couldn't do anything either, because I bought them online; however, I have maybe a few more things to add.   MC5's needed a burn in time...Not even sure if it was really burn in, or me just getting used to the sound. They sound flat/tinny compared to the CX300...you know I really miss the cheaper IEM sometimes for their upbeat sounds....
Yes, these need a HUGE burn in time. I can honestly say they sounded so bad from the start that I wanted to just chuck them out. However, after about a good 50 hours of burn in time, now they sound so good that I don't want any other pair of headphones. bass is still weak though.
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