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    is the s6 worth twice the price as the m6?  they seem similar is style at least.
im willing to sacrifice some sound quality to gain comfort and a secure fit.  even the best sounding earbuds do no good if they dont stay in during a run.
After running on the treadmill for a while and building up quite a bit of sweat my in ear monitors slip out and don't stay in more then a few seconds after they come out.  What are the best affordable options out there that will stay in and keep the seal?    I'm looking for lightweight, comfort, durable, sweatproof, and obviously sound quality.      Im open to any style (IEM, on ear, behind head, etc...)   Budget is under $50 or around there.
I have a set of HD-580's and almost cirtainly decided to get a LD MKIII as I just could not find a suitable all in one combo (DAC/AMP/Preamp) that I liked.  I think the LD MKIII will be a great fit for the HD 580's as I love the warm nice full sound they give.    Since im a little over budget on my amp section I need to find a DAC that will be a good match for the HD 580's and the LD MKIII without breaking the bank.  Im thinking $200 or less.  The problem is I dont...
I did some reading and the Audio-gd NFB-12 seems to be a great unit and a lot of what i'm looking for.  So you think it is better then the NuForce and Fiio combo for the HD580's i have?
I'm new to headphone amps and DAC's as I never owned one before.  I have a mid-high end home theater in my living room with custom speakers that are audiophile quality that I use for some of my music listening.  However the living room is being taken over as my daughter is growing and wanting to play in there and watch TV as well.   Anyway, Im doing much more music listening directly at my desk with my computer.  I have a XFi sound card that is sub par for...
I believe this only has stereo outputs so to get 5.1 you would need a decoder.  Not sure if your speaker sut up has one or not.
Are those Audeo iem's yours? if so, how do you like em and what can you compare them to?
I don't know what they are called but I have been playing several on stage gigs lately using Aviom systems for in ear monitors and I am just using a pair of decent senheiser buds but I have trouble keeping them in my ears as the wires pull and yank the buds out of my ears at times.  Im looking for those over the ear moldable wire chanels (not sure the name they are called)  so I can keep the wires over my ears and keep em in place better.  Do they make/sell these that I...
  I would be using it in line with a self powered 2.1 system with an auto sensing on switch on the subwoofer amp on the back of the sub and under the desk.  A pain in the butt to mannually switch it on/off.
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