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Cash price only
I have a set of barely used Sennheiser HD598's still in original box.  Not even broken in yet.  I bought these as a replacement for my HD580's I sold recently and they are just not quite what I was expecting.   $135 shipped cash price
It would be mainly for connectivity.  And I would prefer to keep it as clean and simple as possible with my limited amount of desktop space.  I would run powered monitors when not using headphones.  I would like to use just one master volume for either the headphones or the monitors. I could go with the Magni 2 Uber which has everything I need but am just a little heart-set on trying tubes (even as simplistic as the ones in the Vali may be). Any feedback on if the Vali...
This is what im looking for... Vali 2 uber with pre-outs...I want to try out a tube style amp but want to keep it simple. Pre outs are a must have and are non-negotiable for me.
Are you sure those bose ie2 earbuds are non-isolating? The picture looks like they would seal the ear canal and isolate the sound.
It seems that ever since the IEM came out the non-isolating ear buds of the 90's have just about gone extinct. While the sound isolating IEMs are superior in most cases, there are some situations when I need an ear bud style set up such as during casual late night computer use for watching videos and non-critical music listening when I also need to hear my phone and other sounds in the house. As well as the convenience of being able to put on and take off the ear buds...
    is the s6 worth twice the price as the m6?  they seem similar is style at least.
im willing to sacrifice some sound quality to gain comfort and a secure fit.  even the best sounding earbuds do no good if they dont stay in during a run.
After running on the treadmill for a while and building up quite a bit of sweat my in ear monitors slip out and don't stay in more then a few seconds after they come out.  What are the best affordable options out there that will stay in and keep the seal?    I'm looking for lightweight, comfort, durable, sweatproof, and obviously sound quality.      Im open to any style (IEM, on ear, behind head, etc...)   Budget is under $50 or around there.
New Posts  All Forums: