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Can I use it if my IEMs arent balanced? I dont even know what balanced means...    And does the lighter work? Lol
Are these amps or lighters? I want them either way!
Sometime later this year probably. I wonder why they stopped updating us about it. Probably realized they were to cocky for naming the V7007 and it can't exceed the performance of the K3003.
I reckon they wont even release a V7007...
Have you heard the JH16 Pros? How well do those two compare to it?
Dayum...  Want these! They on par with the 5.0? 
So I can buy this ciem and put those tips on it and it becomes universal? ******* awesome man. Would love to hear it but how much is this ciem?
Anyone heard how they compare to the Heir 5.0? Mines coming on Tuesday and I really want to see how these two compare.
Hi,   Comes with all original box and accessories.
Werent these supposed to come out in Jan? Its almost April...
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