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Any suggestions?
I bought a pair of S4A-II for my Nexus 5 and during phone calls the other end reports extremely quiet and muffled mic volume. If I speak directly into the mic (like an inch away) then it sounds fine. Is it a common problem?   Also, can anyone suggest another pair that has decent mic performance? I would like good sound quality (obviously) but mic is #1 priority for me in this case.
Just received my refurb Turbines, and unsurprisingly it came with one pair of tips only (the bigger ones...not sure if it's the biggest) I have relatively small ears so I was kinda disappointed at first...but then I tried them on and interestingly it "snapped" into my ears, if that makes sense...very good isolation as well
The trusted ebay sellers like 7dime and lovesuck are not selling those anymore...anyone got another trustable source?
I just received my pair of M1 but unfortunately, none of the tips included fits my ear (I know, my ear must be weird...) Anyone got any suggestion?
How long does it usually take to arrive? I ordered a pair on July 29 and it was shipped on August 1. Today is August 12 and I still haven't received it. I live in North Carolina in the U.S.
Dang! Just ordered it last week (and still waiting for it), and now there's coupon :( Maybe I should buy another pair...haha
I'm pretty new to IEMs but over the last few years I've heard a lot of good things about the PR1 Pro, having a balanced sound and wide stage. I was gonna buy one as an upgrade from my PL-30 but unfortunately it was already discontinued and nowhere to be found on ebay. I ended up ordering a Brainwavz M1 which was highly regarded @ headfi. If anything I will be eager to see if all these great IEMs can live up to its legacy against the newer IEMs :) Thanks for your...
I came across this listing on ebay: seems an amazing deal! I wonder if they are fake or not? Anyone bought from them before?
I've heard many good things about the 3 over the years, that's why I'm very interested in getting a pair of UHP336, plus I found a good price for them on ebay: I guess it's really time for SF3 to fade out :)   The M1 looks extremely attractive to me and at $40 I really have nothing to lose. The M6s are having a sale on...
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