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The cable is a bit too long for my taste. Any ideas on how to shorten it?
How much would this be an upgrade for me? I currently use a pair of DT1350 with a Fiio E10K. Would I need to upgrade my DAC also?
According to the link from the product page, these should be available on Feb 10.
From one of the early reviews (, some early impressions:   - Seems to have good isolation with no sound leaks - Swap the two sets of ear pads by just twisting them off the headphones - The earpads themselves are soft and comfortable but his ears got "hot and painful" after wearing them for a while - He didn't mention how they sound, just something along the lines of "it's personal preference" and that he was satisfied
 Nothing of that yet. From what I understand they are doing a VIP member only beta and it's limited to 200 units. They will be free though :/ Not sure what qualifies as VIP member.
I bought this about a month ago. Turns out the coiled cable bother me more than I expected. They are barely used and come with all original accessories.
I am going to purchase this soon. What earpads would you recommend, for durability and comfort?
It looks like they are under 'beta testing' now. We should see some reviews soon.
Any suggestions?
I bought a pair of S4A-II for my Nexus 5 and during phone calls the other end reports extremely quiet and muffled mic volume. If I speak directly into the mic (like an inch away) then it sounds fine. Is it a common problem?   Also, can anyone suggest another pair that has decent mic performance? I would like good sound quality (obviously) but mic is #1 priority for me in this case.
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