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As long as you have the right cables (hdmi+rcas+usb) you should be set to go.
Yes. That will cause no problem at all. It can receive both audio and video through the HDMI port. Most modern video cards (say made in 2008-) can send both audio and without a problem to the receiver. But like PurpleAngel said, an external DAC will more than likely sound better than the built in one in the AVR.
The receiver has analog inputs so that should work well.   Isn't the ps4 digital only? That may be something to take into consideration to make sure that you don't miss out on connectivity possibilities because of lack of inputs on some of the more barebone dac/amp possibilities.
I want these so bad I'd make my 3 year old son* swim across the Indian Ocean to personally pick them up, using nothing but a pair of M80s as a swimming float.           * No real children would actually be hurt during this trip.
I think it was the X1's, they took forever to get though so basically you could say that the K1ks were the first headphones I actually got after joining Head-Fi. Maybe not the best entry-level phones when you don't even have a solid amp
I don't see why that would be a problem. If you have a phono stage that should equalize it it to a signal that's equivalent to that of say a CD-player.   edit: Just to add to the subject. That is the same way I have mine connected (i.e. tc-750 to my head amp to the headphones).
Been waiting for 15 weeks now since my impressions were rcvd.. Hopefully they'll come soon
    Yup:     edit: Definately not right as it will move when I'm moving the amp. Will try to re-seat it once again. edit: didn't work too well, just won't go down the whole way, not too sure if any of the pins may be crooked causing this..   edit2: Fixt with a pair o' pliers and it def. helped getting some pressure under it using a better workspace
Ok, so I just got my amp and I'm going to break it in in just a few minutes.. I do wonder if I got my tube inserted the correct way, It seems very loose, I'd guess half an inch of the "pins" are showing above the tube socket and some of the pics I've seen on the eBay listing has them almost level to the socket. Is that how they should be? Because they take quite alot force to get down lower than this.   Cheers
What kind of connectors are used on these? Are they easy to source? I'm quite new to these IEMs with interchangable cables..   Thanks     edit: Duh, my bad. Only searched for this specific model and failed to see that there was a whole SA subforum :)
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