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Yep, the amp of the MacBook air is powerful enough. Does the Leckerton DAC deliver any relevant improvement?
My office system is: - MacBookAir playing ALAC with Decibel - Meyer Audio StageDac - Meyer Audio Concerto (headphone amp) - Grado RS1i and Beyer T1   Mainly listen to Rock, Hardrock, Jazz, Pop and Progressive.   Would the Phonitor be a relevant upgrade to the Concerto? If not, wich alternative even without crossfeed as the StageDac already has that function.   Budget up to 5.000€.   Thanks.
My portable source is a MacBookAir 11inch 2011 playing ALAC via Decibel. My portable headphones are Earsonics SM3. I listen most to Rock, Hardrock, Progressive, Pop, HipHop and Jazz (relevance descending order)   What should I put between the source and the headphones to improve sq and keep portability (low weight, battery power). I already have a nice desk setup, so let's not go that way.   Money is not a restriction.  
Is there an upgrade on the HM-801 coming soon? I would hate to buy one and then to find an upgrade release after a couple o weeks...
Just switched from iPhone4 to Samsung Galaxy S2.  In my opinion this migration was an upgrade.   As the majority of mu music is in ALAC, I have installed PowerAmp and PalyerPro player apps. Both of them play alac and a broad range of other audio files. After testing both apps ended up choosing PowerAmp as the interface is much better and its a quite clever app e.g correcting songs titles.  
Sou Português :-) só agora reparei que tu também.
Is there any European competitor to the Apex Pinnacle?
What about in 2011? What's the best headphone amp, whatever the price?  
The Ayon and Ayre DACs recommended here are products from 2009... is the industry stagnating? I would expect hi-end computer audio to progress faster...
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