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@ Iamoneagain, thanks for the tip on Audirvana Plus.   Downloaded the trial and compared with iTunes, Decibel, Amarra and Fidelia. In my opinion Audirvana delivers the best sound, an amazing warm and exciting sound. Also liked the interface simulating an HiFi component.   This comparison also reminded me how bad iTunes sounds.   In the Audirvana FAQs, founded this comment:   "Audirvana fully works under Lion. But as of today (10.7.1), Lion is not...
I'm falling in love with these headphones!!! Really exciting sound.   Any open headphones with similar signature but even better sound quality? I already have T1 and RS1i.
I ordered my Ruthenium online.   Opening the box I was shocked to see they are mirror like shining...  in most pictures they look darkish...   Then I came to this thread for a second look at the pictures and found the squeak "problem"... manipulating them I noticed mine also make those noises...    But the truth is that I really have to manipulate, almost twist them, to get a small squeak. On my head they are dead silent. And that's what counts.    And on...
Are there substancial differences among versions regarding fingerprints?
If I send mine back I may consider changing the Ruthenium for Palladium or Limited. Does the squeak manifest on this versions? If not, wich one would you choose if money is not a constraint?
Yep. They squeak if I manipulate them as in the YouTube video posted above. However, while on my head they (still) don't.   Mine are numbered 1773. Is this a batch defect or is it a design flaw common to all ed.8?
Just got my Ultrasone ed. 8 Ruthenium purchased online.   I was surprised by the look as in most of the photos it looks black when in fact they are like a mirror... not sure I like them.   Comments as to how they sound will follow later... now they are worming up.   Pedro
I have Earsonics SM3 and Ortofon eQ7 and just ordered the Ultrasone ed 8 exactly for this reason.
Have been comparing Fidelia with Decibel (my preferred and default player).   Fidelia delivers great clean sound quality with a great interface looking like an hifi component.   Decided to keep Decibel by a very thin margin. The sound is a bit more exciting.
Very happy with Decibel.   Tried Amarra and cannot even make it work. Looks like it lacks quality control.
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