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Any one has an opinion on Phonitor vs Meier Concerto (which I own)?   And has anyone listenen to both the Phonitor and the completely different Leben CS300 (which is also on my upgrade short list)?  
Thanks for the prompt reply!
Three questions: - What's the "tape monitor" switch? - What kind of inputs? RCA? - I have no experience with speakers but like the idea of buying this for headphones and keep the option to had speakers later. Can I had any good bookshelf speakers or should I care about technical specs to make a good match with the Leben? I just plug the speakers directly into the Leben without additional amp... right?   Thanks.
Yes, the manual mentions 100 - 500 hours. And I am using silver cables which makes brightness more present. But I am already enjoying it. I always break my equipment as I use it.
Went for an audition today and bought it. Great performance at a fair price.
Thanks. Interesting and useful reading. What's your perspective on the price considering that the Weiss202 alone is more (or at leas as) expensive than say a Ayre QB-9 + Phonitor + cables combo.  
At this moment I am precisely considering the 202 eventually coupled to the Phonitor.   The only thing I don't like on the Weiss 202 (although I still did not saw it "in the flesh") is the finishing... I don't understand why they match a black box with a silver face plate... at this price point everything is relevant including finishing quality and aesthetics.  
Is it still a good choice in 2012?   I need to buy a good dac that takes high resolution files, 96kHz and more, 24bit, via USB.
How is the sound from headphones out? Which headphones are you using with it?   I am considering the MCD1100 as a single component system with headphones, but don't know how good is the headphone amp.   I am going to audition it but would like to have your opinions.
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