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I have the Linear. Is the Linear SE an upgrade, i.e better sound, or is it the same thing in a nicer box?
I have the StageDac and the Concerto. I could eventually upgrade to the Classic. Another option is the Violectric V200 as I don't need the crossfeed on the amp (given that I have it on the DAC).   Which one would you take, not considering money : A - Nothing. The Concerto is as good as any of the other two. B - The Classic. Why? C - The Violectric V200. Why? D - None of the above. What, then?   I use this combo with a range of headphones from Grado RS1i...
Yep. Bought my T1 from him. Thanks.
Ok. That's it. I'm based in Portugal and I have browsed european websites. Thanks.  
Noticed that the HD800 is not available for sale in many web sites where I would expect them to be... any chance that the production of these was terminated and a new model is coming?   Or is it just after Christmas / new year empty stock?
Intersting hold thread. I only have headphones but, considering what I am investing on them, I am starting to think about getting a speaker system.   Tough part will be incorporating loud music into the family ecosystem.
    Yes, I have the same question...   My Phonitor option is also not getting much consideration so I assume that the V200 is a better solution (I don't care much about cross feed). Then, why not tubes in both rigs?  I'm even thinking why not the Cavalli and the Leben?...  
Two very basic / beginner questions: 1. How did you calculate the power of the Lehmann at 600ohms to conclude that the V200 has double the power? 2. Being more powerful is only about sounding louder or it improves quality? My current system is loud enough....   Thanks for your help. I'm an economist and this technical electronics stuf falls beyond my skills.   Pedro      
Thank you for taking time to specify a possible upgrade for my systems.   I found the HPA 200 an interesting suggestion also because it's an european product and therefore doesn't imply import taxes (I'm based in Portugal). Do you consider it to be an upgrade over my Lehmann BlackCube Linnear USB amplifier? It would be great if you could help me understand the benefits it would deliver, by comparison.   The Cavalli is stunning!   Thanks a lot, Pedro  
Today I have two headphone rigs: Office = Meier StageDac + Meier Concerto + Grado RS1i Home = Ayre QB9 + Lehmann BlackCube USB + Beyer T1   The upgrade plan is the following:   At the office, replace both Meier components for the integrated Weiss 202. At home, replace the Lehmann for a Leben CS300 or alternatively the completely different Phonitor.   Questions: - Will the sound quality improve i.e are these upgrades or just changes? - Should I go...
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