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Bump. In 2012. Any price.  
I have the Lehmann BCL. Is this an upgrade sound wise or just an esthetic / luxury improvement? Thanks, Pedro
Thank you guys. Most probably I'll go with the Luxman P1u. Pedro        
Need one headphone amp to match my Ayre 5 series stereo amplifier (speakers) and that fits in my rack. Specs: Best headphone amp: max 43cm wide X max 7cm tall, in silver color, money no object Will drive: Beyer T1; Grado RS1; Ultrasone Ed. 8 Thanks, Pedro
Agree. And I never understood all the praise about OK Computer. I've tried to like it but I don't.
AiDee... looking forward to read your report.
I've recently tried my Grado RS1i and the Beyer T1 out of a Mc C50. Sounded good enough to be used regularly on a daily basis. I didn't made any direct comparisons with my dedicated headphone amps but I would say the McIntosh although good is not at the same level (a bit more relaxed).
I like the Concerto with my Grado RS1i but it never satisfied me with the Beyer T1, which sounds dull.   The Lehmann is better with the T1 particularly if I activate the 20dB gain but I wonder if a V200 would deliver even better sound...   Why is the V200 better?
Bumping question up...
Would this amp be a clear upgrade for my systems?   Current systems described in signature.   Thanks.
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