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Most probably this question was already answered in this forum but with 1532 pages I can't find it.   My dealer is suggesting me to buy the SR009 + SRM-007tII.   I have no doubts the SR009 are very good. Is this Stax amp a proper match? How does it compare with the more expensive Woo WES?   Thanks.
  Interesting perspective.
In the end bought a Lehmann Audio Linear SE as pictured in my system. Thank's for your inputs.  
32-bit, 192kHz D/A converter + headphone amp + pre-amp.  
Silver aluminium
Just bough one. The SE sound a little bit better - richer sound - than the regular version that I also have. Not night and day differences, but better.   Both are great with my Grado RS1 and Beyer T1.  
It seems that the Ultrasone Signature Pro is the most recommended model with 4/7 votes.   Is it really better than the Ed.8?   Thanks.  
So... 1/5 votes on the Ed. 8... Intriguing, I would expect them to be the most popular alternative...
I listen to all genres except classic music.   Liked almost everything about the ed. 8. Only the form factor didn't help putting them in and out of a bag in airplanes - but that's a minor downside.   Thanks, Pedro  
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