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Thanks. Just ordered the SR009 and looks like I'm ordering the BHSE along this week.   Anyone thinks otherwise i.e. that the WES would be a better choice?
  Is there a poll in this thread? If not can you please create one? The thread it's getting to big to understand which amp has the preferences of the forum...   Thanks.
Check this new component from McIntosh:
Anyone tried to use this as a preamp in a speaker system? As it has RCA out I guess it can play that role in complement to headphone amp...   Any pictures of the back side?
The Cavalli site states that "the new LL will have a similar look to the new Liquid Glass and the same machined aluminum construction". Does this mean that a silver front plate will be available?   I need that because all my gear is silver color and I want to keep all matching components.
I've never had a tube amp and was thinking that maybe this is an interesting option to learn about tubes. Two questions:   - What's the best shop (website) to buy tubes in Europe?   - Is it correct my understanding that the Liquid Gold can double as a pre amplifier in my speaker system? Can anyone post a picture of the back of the amp?   Thanks.
The subject of this forum is Stax SRM-007tII vs Stax SRM-727II Does anyone has an opinion on which one is better for the SR009 and why?   Thanks.
Can you elaborate in which aspects the 727II is better then the 007tII for the SR009?
I'm used to the metric system, unfamiliar with the imperial system, so to be sure I got the dimensions right: - The full dimensions of the amp are (W x D x H): 15.5'' x 14'' x 8.25'' - The full dimensions of the PSU are (W x D x H): 7.625'' x 12.375'' x 4.5625''   Is this what is described in the quote above?   Also, how long are the supplied cables between the PSU and the Amp?   Thanks, Pedro
Most probably this question was already answered in this forum but with 1532 pages I can't find it.   My dealer is suggesting me to buy the SR009 + SRM-007tII.   I have no doubts the SR009 are very good. Is this Stax amp a proper match? How does it compare with the more expensive Woo WES?   Thanks.
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