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How does the Stagedac compare with HRT Music Streamer II+?   Thanks, Pedro
How does the Concerto compare with SPL's Auditor and Phonitor? Which one is the best choice (price not very relevant for me)?   Thanks, Pedro
I have a HeadboxII exactly with the same problem.   I am not using it anymore but as far as I remember the noise decreased a bit if I set the source (Arcam irDock) volume to maximum and from then on regulate the volume only on the HeadboxII.   Pedro
As I am looking for something different (and better), to develop my sensitivity to different equipments,  I would avoid the clones.   My initial alternative solutions are:   Buy a very good DAC (HRT Music Streamer II+  ???) and reutilize a Project HeadBox II (I already have) to amp the Grado RS1i at home; Buy Beyerdinamic T1 to use at the office with the Lehmann. Buy Beyerdinamic T1 to use at home together with the following alternative DAC + Amp...
I'm using the Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear USB connected to a MacBookPro and Grado RS1i to listen to music at the office.   Now I am planning to buy a similar system for home. I could buy exactly the same system but I would like to try something different (and better).   What's the best alternative to the Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear USB (i.e. DAC + headphone amplifier) in a single or multiple components up to 3.000€?   Thanks, Pedro
Thank you for the prompt replies.   I listen mostly to rock and progressive, but in fact I listen everything from classical to metal.   I like the sound of my system a lot and don't feel it lacks anything. My question comes from being a rookie audiophile - I was wondering that eventually I'm happy because maybe I have never experienced truly good sound (ignorance sometimes generates happiness).   But then maybe not. Everyone I ask tells me I have invested in...
I started being interested in hi-fi ~6 month ago. Until then MP3 with standard iPod headphones was more than OK.   My current system is:   Source: MacBookPro + iTunes + Apple Lossless audio files DAC and Amplifier: Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear USB Headphones: Grado RS1i   Restrictions are: Keep the system fairly portable e.g. to comfortably move it to another room; store away. Keep listening through headphones; speakers not an...
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