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Any suggestion of interconnects to use with the Concerto?   My system is Stagedac - Concerto - Beyerdynamics T1   Thanks, Pedro
I am using my Stagedac + Concerto with basic IXOS cables and thinking of upgrade.   Any suggestions of Interconnects to match this system?   Thanks.
I listen with the equalizer off or with treble reducer.   I use the iPhone with Ortofon eQ7 headphones.   Pedro
Thanks. I'm using IXOS PC-OFC (Pure Crystal Oxygen-Free Copper) Twisted-Pair.   Should I expect a relevant sound improvement with an upgrade?   Pedro
My current office system is the following: - MacBookPro playing Apple lossless via iTunes - Meier Stagedac (dac) - Meier Concerto (headphone amplifier) - Beyerdynamic T1 (headphones)   I know zero about cables. Today i'm using fairly cheap IXO interconnect cables.   What cable should I use to connect the Dac to the Amplifier to improve my sound quality? Money is not a restriction up to 500€ as long as the cables deliver relevant sound quality...
I have tried the Grado RS1i with the Meier Stagedac & Concerto. This headphone sounds great with this combo i.e. at least as good as on the Lehmann Black Cube Linear USB (my other system).
Just received my black StagedDac + Concerto + T1.   Great sound i.e. better than my Lehmann audio BCL USB.   My preferred setting on the StageDac for now: - Pulse = Top - Over sampling = Bottom - Crossfeed delay / intensity for a listening room feeling = bottom / up - Crossfeed delay / intensity for a live feeling = top / bottom (cusiouly these "crossed" top vs bottom combinations sound better to me than the more leveled options mentioned by other...
This is my portable system. Mobile from room to room all over the house with high end sound. Not suitable for outdoors though.   Grado RS1i & Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear USB & MacBookPro & iTunes with Apple lossless files.  
When I need to be mobile at home I unplug my Grado SR325i or RS1i from the amp, connect them to my iPod or MacBookPro and they work perfectly delivering very good sound quality (considering the source).
Today I have ordered a Concerto, a Stagedac and the Beyerdynamic T1 headphones.
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