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  Can you suggest a high quality "right amp" for the PS1000? Thanks.
I am using Decibel and noticing a very relevant sound improvement from my MacBookAir + AppleLossless files. Nice interface too.
I have the Concerto paired with the StageDac to drive Beyer T1 headphones.   Would like to try something clearly better to evaluate an upgrade to this system. Don't have strong budget limitations as long as the improvement is very noticeable. What do you suggest?   Thanks.
I ended up keeping the Grado and Lehmann for home and bought (one year ago) the following system for the office:   - MacBook air 11inch with apple lossless files connected through USB - Meier Stagedac - Meier Concerto (amp) - Artisan Silver Cables - Ultimate Silver Dream interconnects - Beyerdynamic T1   I'm satisfied with the quality of this system.   Now the challenge is: Spend up to 10.000€ (~14.000 USD) and get a dramatic sound quality improvement...
    oopsydaisy, does the TTVJ has a relevant impact in sound quality?    I'm asking because the Ultrasone have low impedance and could be powered by the iPhone.   Thanks, Pedro
    is there a practical advantage from using a stand vs laying the headphones on the table? Or is it mainly a esthetics thing?   Thanks, Pedro
  I have chosen these cables for my Meier system:   After listening with the silver cables for several hours, the sound quality improvement is very noticeable for me.   Sound is much more transparent, detailed and direct (comparatively, the coper IXOS sounds veiled, a bit muddy) and fast / dynamic in sound transitions / instrument separation. Also it seems that I listen louder, as if the amp got more...
Do you notice any difference in sound quality depending on the USB cable being used?
    This is what I use at home attached to a MacBookPro with iTunes and AppleLossless files.   Will photograph my office system to post later.
Any suggestion of interconnects to use with the Concerto?   My system is Stagedac - Concerto - Beyerdynamics T1   Thanks, Pedro
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