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 Great post. Very informative. Thanks.
What settings do you use most with the iDSD?   For pop, rock, jazz with Beyer T5p I use always: - Xbass - 3D - Minimum Phase Filter   This combination sounds the most musical / exciting to me.
I'm very happy with the sound quality of my iFi IDSD.   However, one thing that happens and surprises me is that battery runs out while I'm listening to it connected to a powered computer.   Shouldn't my MacBookPro be able to power it via USB? Looks like the iDSD spends more power while playing than is getting from the USB and ends up running out.   Is this normal?
 I'm experiencing something similar on the Micro iDSD connected to a MacBookPro. The USB charges the Micro (if I turn power off the blue led shows) but seems that if I'm listening it consumes more power than is getting from the USB until running out. Is this normal? Do you have to leave it charging when not in use or can you listen indefinitely as long as connected via USB?
I was about to pull the trigger on the AK240SS but these tape pictures just turn me off. I'll pass on this one.
Listening now to the iFi iDSD via the Beyer T5p and sounds very very good. I would say amazing for a portable system. 
What would be the short list today? 4 years after the last post...
Lost my AK240 and I'm thinking of getting the AK240SS.   What's the probability of a AK240II with upgraded hardware and software being released soon? The AK100II and the AK120II are already in the second series...
Just bought the iDSD. Great component for my travelling set. Happy with the sound right out of the box.
Ok. It's working! Thanks!!
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