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Initial impressions (paired with Earsonics EM6):   1. Physical build and quality is superb i.e at least on par with an iPhone and I would say higher quality as the body is more complex. The box, the leather case and the AK240 itself all scream high end.   2. Sound quality surpasses anything I've heard in compact form: Audioquest Dragonfly; Meridian Explorer and it seems better than my Ayre QB9 (but I've still to compare the AK240 with the QB9 and my top of the line...
Just ordered a AK240!
@ALRAINBOW, Why is an iPod worse than an iPhone? @flaco, thanks.
Is it certain that the S5 works flawlessly with the Hugo? I'm ready to jump and buy a Hugo but struggling to find user reports on S5+Hugo working together to play high resolution 24bit files.
Thinking about pairing the Hugo (or an alternative) with a Samsung S5. Will the Hugo work perfectly with the S5 and high resolution 24bit files?
I've the iPhone 5S with the new Apple case.   The problem with that case is that the headphone socket is too narrow to connect my EarSonics (I've the impression that only the oficial Apple headphones will connect through the cover). So I just opened a larger hole in the cover with a knife. Now its functional but it's not pretty.   So what's a high quality cover that protects, looks nice and allows a variety of headphones to be connected?
Any EM6 owner regrets having bought them? I'm about to pull the trigger...
I like the sound of my SM3 and have been happy with them.   Now I want to try custom IEMs. The natural path is to keep with EarSonics and upgrade to EM6.   But as I've never tried custom IEMs... I would like your advise on what's the best one. Maybe the JH16? Don't know...   I don't have time to research further / audition before buying. I'll make my choice based on what I know about EarSonics and what you tell me on this thread.   Thanks!
What's best: iDac or Meridian Explorer?
I'm now upgrading from the SM3. What's the value proposition of the SEM6 vs the EM6 given that price is the same? I would expect the custom to be better than the universal but there must be a reason for the SEM6 to exist.
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