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payment sent.   Thanks
I want to buy a Fiio E5.    I'll pay $15 shipped to Arizona.   Let me know.   Thanks!
Good luck with the sale
how much are you asking?
How would it do on the Monster Turbine Pro Copper
Does that nuforce have a bass boost?
Would a "bright" amp bring out the bass of the copper?
How would this combination do? Would the NuForce bring out the bass of the coppers?  
I'm really trying to get more bass out of my coppers.   Somebody suggested looping a pure tone of 40Hz through the IEMs for a day or so. Then drop it down to 30Hz for another day.    Will that work to give me stronger bass?   Thx
I got them three hours ago, they are relaxing on the highs and sound "effin" awesome
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