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price-wise, totally agree.  however, it seems like most people have had a bit of a hassle with having to have that batch replaced; still, worth the savings in money imo
if they send anything at all :P  Although I guess they can deny they are fake, while it would be harder to prove they had sent an item when they had not.
I found that for some reason, they fit a lot better for me upside side down (so that the cords go over my ears).  I don't know why, but that seals them, at least with the medium foam supers.
keep at it; once you find a good fit i think you'll be happy.  it took me awhile, but I finally did find a good set of tips for me  
yeah this is a pain in the behind, just like you said.  Such a pain that after I had sent mine in for repair and they sent me back a new pair with the tips fully on, I never took them off.  I knew I'd never be able to get a pair on that well again :P
Do you already have an M6?  M6P is not bad!
i THINK (key word "think") that mine did have the hole in the top; I think monster wraps them like that so that stores can use the little hook to hang them up.   EDIT: I think Reprobate might have it right that they could have been out of open box items.
a couple of mine are like that, but not all of them.  Specifically, the smaller black pair and the largest light silver pair have dimples.  I wasn't sure what I should do either.  I'm not using the gels right now, so I haven't done anything.  If you do contact monster, let me know what they say.
have you considered the Monster turbine golds?  Don't get me wrong, I love my coppers, but the golds are cheaper and some people say that out of the box they have more bass.  They are also currently available with controltalk.  I think the coppers are supposed to get a control talk option soon as well.    
wait, so are you talking about the plain silicone ones, or the supetips?  The silicone tips that came "installed" on my coppers were not supertips.  
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