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No man you were right all along. WESC and Bose are the best brands to get. The make my Sennheiser HD650 and Earsonics SM3 sound like trash. I wish I never spent so much money on these. :(    
I wholeheartedly agree. This is a huge misconception that a lot of people make when comparing jazz and rock drumming.   By the way @proglover, I see you also have an electronic kit on your avatar. Can you recommend me a good headphone to use while drumming? My HD428 work well but in the future I'm thinking to upgrade to a HD280 Pro (if I can find a straight cable). What do you think?    
For making up for all the damage I caused to this thread:   I just watched the third episode of Black Lagoon and when I saw Revy in combat while listening to music I thought it was pretty cool and that it would fit here. I got all these images while by using the prtscn button.           Wallpaper size:       Crude GIF I made (hope works here)   (Click on it if you can't see the animation ^)
Look I don't know why you wish to continue this but this is the last time I'm replying to you.The thread was started with drawn pictures and not photos of women. It wasn't until a little towards the middle of this thread until others posted photos of women even then the majority was still drawn.By the way why do you only reply to me? There are other users here who have posted statements towards you too.You can try to save face with all the technicality in the world but...
No, I guess you couldn't tell by the tone of my writing but I'm not at all enamored with any of these pictures at all. I might have a favorite character from a particular show, or a favorite actor... or hell even a favorite musician is that so wrong? The same fondness and appreciation is being displayed here that's all. Just because it's drawn, doesn't mean one has no contact with the opposite sex. What's wrong with having a favorite piece of art? Fans are just being fans...
I definitely agree Meshuggah is insane and when I think about the time signature and all the technique in their playing it makes my head spin.   I would definitely say that this man is one of the most talented drummers I've ever heard but he isn't one of my favorites or influences which is why I never named him.   There's a lot of talented drummers in the extreme metal genre.    
Are you kidding me? Get the Skullcandy Agent! It blows the M50 out of the water!  
That is a fantastic list. My only gripe is that drummers from other genres of music such as hip hop or jazz are not in the list. Josh Freese has played in many more bands than just A Perfect Circle. He also was the main drummer for Nine Inch Nails on tour.      
I haven't. I really want to see Tool live.   I will go see A Perfect Circle this summer though!    
Brann Dailor has some of the fastest fills that I know of.   I'd like to throw in how overrated Travis Barker is. He IS a good drummer, it's just that his fans overhype him and hardly listen to other music or other drummers.    
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