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Well I never considered range as dynamics but I do agree the SM3's greatest weakness would be it's range then. To me it's something I don't really think about because it's a pretty small flaw and what does SM3 does it does very well. Also, I have my HD650 if I want the perfect audio experience filling in any flaw that anything else I hear is missing. (in my opinion)
Sankaku's channel is pretty damn NSFW. You can't even filter it. I think Danbooru is safer.       I sincerely hope you don't generalize all otaku like that. I, in particular am not a fan of lolicon.     Haha that is epic.    
Places like those do exist. If anyone has seen The Chaser, the neighborhood looks exactly like that.  
So I've had these for about two weeks now and I'd like to share my impressions.   When I first heard these I was thinking, "muddy and unclear?" I thought that was strange because this is supposed to be my kind of sound signature, yet it sounded this bad? (I also immediately slipped on MC triple flanges)   That impression lasted for 3 minutes.   After that I immediately liked these better than my Miles Davis'. I noticed the silky midrange, the relaxed treble,...
Ah my bad. I knew they were either Panasonic's or JVC's.   This came up in Google Images when I searches Panasonic RP-HTX7's  
My HD650.  
Cool. Thanks guys I'll check it out. I did used to look at the DT770 M. It's just that I really love my midrange so I was looking for a closed headphone with good midrange.  
It really is a fun show. I'm really enjoying it right now.   I stole this from Sankaku. It's a new show called Hansaku Iroha. This girl likes to flaunt her Panasonic's.      
For pure portability he might as well go for IEM's. The Shure SRH750DJ is also another good choice.      
Well if you were willing to spend $150 for a Bose AE2, you might as well just get an ATH-M50.    
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