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I'm 17. 20khz+ for me.
Look at H2O audio's offerings. Sweat/water proof with quite good sound. Also look at the Sennheiser Sport Series.
Well the sound signature is more similar to the D2000 than the HD600. If that's what you're looking for. The HD600 is more neutral but also slightly less technical then the HD650 while the HD650 is more musical with a strong focus on it's amazing midrange, good bass, and the most unfatiguing treble I've ever heard. There is literally no sibilance on the HD650 and the treble has very good sparkle. The HD650 has great range as well reaching extremely high and low.    
Try to get the HD650. If the bass is still not enough for you then EQ it. The bass on the HD650 can be EQ'd to monstrous level without much distortion.  
In my opinion the DT880's are ok for rock because the mids are pretty neutral (perhaps ever so slightly forward). The mids are pretty average sounding on these as well; you won't be banging your head to riffs with these.  
SM3 > RE262 > Monster Miles Davis Tributes > Monster Turbine Pro Copper = Audio-Technica CK90Pro > DBA-02 > RE0 > CX380 (EQ'd) > HJE900 > SE115 > CX 380 > Klipsch S4 > Skullcandy Ink'D > Skullcandy FMJ  
Looking forward to these in the future for drumming. I chose this over the M50, and SRH840 (heard before) and many other similarily closed headphones because the midrange on these are supposed to be pretty good. As long as the treble in unfatuiging and barely sibilant I could care less about treble (unless treble is really really bad) because I don't want cymbals to sound harsh.   My sound preference 1. Midrange 2. Bass 3. Treble (unfatiguing and very low...
To me, it's never a good thing.   I used to reject the mainstream but honestly it's just as bad as listening only to the mainstream.   It's better to be open to everything.    
Hey man it's all about subjectivity. Some people find heaven with Apple Earbuds and I'm in 7th heaven with my Skullcandy Skullcrushers. I'm serious.    
I love that man. He's always winning.
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