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I'll do my best. Thank you very much for your guidance.   If anyone has any gear they can recommend please feel free to do so.   I'll be searching for some gear on my own from here I guess.  
Alright cool.   In conclusion, would an amp/dac at $100 beat my soundcard? Or at $100 does a head amp suffice?   For example do you think a NuForce Icon uDac or even perhaps if I muster the funds a HifiMan EF2 will beat a X-Fi sound card + amp?   Any other recommendations are highly welcomed.   In the end I just want to amp my SRH840's to a good, if possible audiophile grade. Thanks.
I didn't state, "USB DACS aren't very good" I said I "hear" on these forums USB-DACS aren't very good specifically compared to non-USB DACS that have been in production longer. Simply what I found during my research on these forums... I do not truly now know how good the quality is on USB-DACS.   Judging from my basic info on solid states/tubes I think I will go with solid states for durability... however at my budget $100-$150, I will buy either a tube or solid state amp...
I have a X-Fi Xtremegamer Sound Card. Is it good to use as a DAC? I think it sounds pretty good as a DAC honestly with my speakers.   I'm hoping to set up a headphone amp to it to power my Shure SRH840's. I'd like to spend no more than $100 but will consider $150 recommendations.   If you don't think the X-Fi Xtremegamer would not be good as a DAC please recommend me a good dac/amp. I hear the NuForce Icon Amp is decent.. but I also hear on these forums USB DACS...
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