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I think at those prices ($1000-3000) you're also paying for that lady... which isn't a bad deal actually.
That's really cool. I'm assuming increased isolation or perhaps it helps keeps on them head better.   As a drummer I know especially for playing live isolation is very important.
Sounds exactly like what I want thanks.    
Thanks for the response Inks. I was actually looking forward to a response from you. RE-Zero it is then and SM3 out the door for me.   By the way could you comment on the RE-Zero's harshness/sibilance? How does it fare there?  
Come with original packaging, receipt and acessories. Pictured is with Shure Medium Soft-Grey Flex Tips. If interested I can throw a pair of those in as well.   Will ship international but that will cost an extra $15.
What I'm really curious about the is mids. Upper mids in particular which is where the electric guitar lies. Which of these three is the most forward in this category? I want my rock to be very guitar-centric.   Or out of these three which do you find better for rock? 
High_Q I'm very interested in hearing a comparison between these and the SM3 which I currently own.   Your SM3 that you sold me are no doubt amazing IEM's but I'm starting to feel that they are too expensive and that I could save a lot of money by buying something cheaper but almost as good. Please compare the two. I mostly want to know about midrange and sibilance. Also volume. How loud can the PFE022 go without amp? Do you recommend an amp?   Also we both have...
If you want to reduce sibilance on the SRH840: Lower frequencies 4khz-10khz. Play around with those frequencies by lowering them back and forth. Don't blind EQ make sure you do it while listening.   And personally I'd raise 1-2khz to raise the midrange.
If you're talking about me I'm pretty sure my E9+DAC amps it fine. Just look at all the headphones I used to have and ones that I currently own. Do you seriously think I run them unamped?   By the way, if you didn't know amps, will barely change the sound signature of it's output; objectively that is. My E9 will not suddenly give the SRH840 a fun midrange but equalizing will.     
The biggest weakness of the SRH840 to me is it's neutral, boring midrange. I wonder what it would sounded like if I had knew had to EQ when I had it.
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