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Will be very interested to hear a review!
So I got these and all I can say is I'm getting rid of my RE-Zero's. I feel like I'm done with IEM's (and I hope I am). It's been a long journey with my IEM's (look at my signature) and like Katun, I'm going to focus on my home rig (which I also feel is done). Stock sound was very impressive. I hate u or v-shaped sounds but the FX67 is the first u/v-shaped sound signature IEM that doesn't sound harsh. The sound is actually quite smooth and non fatiguing; there is no...
I still feel my HD650's are one of the best in the world.
Oh my gosh it looks like audiophile heaven! I wish I could go!!
LCD-2 +E9/E7 would be it for me. That would cost about $1000-1200. Ultimate sound and you can save more than half of the money you were willing to spend.   In any case in selecting the right headphone what's most important to you enjoyment is that you choose the right sound signature for you. If you don't know what your kind of sound you like find out that first before buying any sort of headphone.   Examples: LCD-2 = dark/strong bass, mid-ranged sound HD800...
I'd like to share this review from and see what you head-fi'ers think of it. Note: it's not my review.   Now I'm actually interested in hearing this because if I' like it enough I'd consider selling my beloved HD650 and getting these instead; although I don't want to just buy these without hearing some more comparisons so if anyone has any impressions or any comparisons (especially...
Many consider the SM3 an upgrade over the SE535. Better treble extension and bass and slightly better midrange as well.
You'd might want an SM3 over the SE535.
Neither of these are sweatproof or noise cancelling.    
PMX 680 might be your solution then.    
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