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Read my impressions here of the ES55.   ES55>S4 no comparison. The S4 isn't that great of an IEM. You can do much better than the S4 such as the RE-0/Zero, Sunrise X-Cape, Phonak Audio PFE112.   I'd bet my ES55 beats the Q460. I can't say for sure because I never heard the Q460 but never has a headphone made me think of selling my beloved...
Like new. Less than 15 hours. Comes with all you see in the pictures. 100% authentic and sound great. These were purchased from J&R.
I just got the ATH-ES55 and I'm pretty stunned by how much I love these.     Let's get to it. This will be a quick impression. I listened to them for only a few hours.   The best part of the ATH-ES55 is it's fun, engaging, yet balanced sound signature. It's Audio-Technica's famous sound signature, and the ES55 takes a more balanced take compared to the v-shaped M-50 for example.   Bass: The bass is nice, impactful, and very clean. Never obtrusive, and it...
I thought it was the other way around. The more expensive headphones tend to be darker/smoother like most of the HiFiman series, Stax, and LCD-2.
Audio Technica makes in my opinion the sexiest headphones out there. Specifically the ATH-ES7. Sometimes I think of getting it just to wear it around my neck.
I'm into the Ares.
Considering what headphones you've owned/listen to, I'll take your impression very lightly.Besides I'm a basshead to a point, and saying these have no bass is totally wrong.
To be honest equalizing the HD650 gets very very good results. Especially the bass; it's easily equalize the bass to basshead levels without distortion on the HD650.
In the "technical" area, these really outperform their price. Like I said these bring out very good detail although they don't extend too low but extend pretty nicely high.
I'm very interested. A possible replacement for my FX67! (lol even though I said I was done) I do like to hear some comparisons as well but anyone know where you can buy these?
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