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Also, people need to stop referring to me when it comes to "high end" gear. Haven't you read the other posts made by people who have heard "high end" DAC's? There are some that agree with me as well. I assume you ignored all the other posts then.    
I consider the headphones I had to be somewhat high end gear.   Sorry, but I'm not enticed to hear "high end" DAC's or even amps for that matter.   You do realize that hype and believing in placebo can effect the human hearing right? It's like an illusion.    
How am I ignorant when I was trying to back up aameford's post the WHOLE time. That's exactly what I was saying the whole time.You're exactly right the rest are pretty irrelevant.     You forgot that I had an E7    
You forgot that I also had an E7.   And to be honest, I don't really think you know anything about the X-FI chipsets. X-FI actually has uses for gaming. Besides DAC's by Creative Labs all had some pretty positive feedback here.      
Lmao I'm not reading this.   Yeah and all of these variables are not audible.   I can't even hear the difference between 44.1khz and 192000khz. It doesn't matter because it depends on the recording.    
As you can see the headphone I have in my signature, the HD650 needs an amp:        
It's the same reasoning with DAC's. Do I really have to clarify everything?   The E9 is all power. It can drive any headphone that exists today. Headphone amps exist to amplify headphones and not to enhance sound in anyway. Just like how DAC's only perform one function. So what's the point in buying more expensive amps? I don't expect a straight-up answer from you but I bet someone else here will answer that for me. Besides most opinion's on the E9 are positive. That...
Want to discuss amps now? What other function does a headphone amp serve than to simply amplify a headphone? Objectively please explain.    
Typo. Thanks for telling me.    
I'm not going to spend more than $150 on an amp to amplify a headphone. One just needs power and that's it. There is no other function that amps do to headphones.   I rather just get a amp loaded with power and then equalize afterwards.   I don't want to get into an amp discussion when this thread is about equalizing but I also find that a $1000 amp is just placebo.    
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