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I tried out your forward config with my HD650. At first I thought it was strange and I listened to it for a while and I thought to myself, "This is cool but I don't think I'll keep". Then I tried the laid back setting and I liked it better. After a few more listens with the laid back setting I was amazed. I got used to the sound and I relistened to a lot of my favorite songs. The sound of my music totally transformed.   Instead of hearing sound mostly from left and...
The Audio Technica Earsuit series are the sexiest looking headphones ever made whilst still retaining supreme audio quality.
+5 used superglue but one of the monitors is losing volume compared to the other monitor creating volume imbalance. It's really a shame. I wanted to stay with these headphones forever but I guess I might go for the Sony MDR EX-600. Headphones can never be perfect.
I read two pages. There is no HD650 talk from swbf2cheater in the first two pages
How does the HD650 scale with the "big boys" such as the LCD-2, HE-500, and/or Stax models and do you find the price for those "hi-fi" headphones worth it over the HD-650?
Reminds me of when I downgraded from the SM3 ($350) to the Xears TD-III ($50)... and I couldn't be any happier. Done with IEM's forever. Interesting read... makes me less enthusiastic about trying to get an HE-500 from my HD650 now. Maybe I should just stick with my HD650.
By the way joker, you should really review the ATH-ES55. It reminds me of the HD428 in that it has high value for it's price. Here's my review on it:
It's great that joker added the HD428. I did a review way back about it and not many people payed attention. It's a great headphone and you can get used it on eBay for around $20.
He's probably too lazy to do an impression because he's enjoying them too much.    
Talk about smug and arrogant. Looks like someone got angry because of an opinion. Can't believe people twice my age can't keep their cool.   At #1,6 The HD650 is a highly regarded headphone that is known to scale very high and some people even prefer this to your HD800 and headphones like the HE-500 and LCD-2. Ultimately this is purely subjective. Don't make non-sensical objective statements about a subjective topic. We all know there is no such thing as "the ultimate...
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