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I picked up the ATH_TAD500's and I really enjoy it for the sound stage and clarity of it. But I do find it lacking bass compared to the my M50's. I tried running it straight from my Ipod, Cowon A3, and HTC Desire but found the sound a little less dynamic than what I am used to. Running it with my Fiio E11 or E7/E9 brings out the sound and also the bass. I might check out the TAD400's if it is easier to drive and can't go wrong for that price. I got my TAD500's for around...
Are there any places or websites that sell second hand headphones in Taiwan?
I recently went to the Audio Technica Store in Taipei. They have pretty much the entire available for you to try. I also got replacement pads for my M50's for a decent price. 
Haven't had a chance to visit EarTron, been busy with CNY and work. Have you ever dealt with the Audio-Technica store across from Sogo? Am thinking of getting a ATH-Pro700MK2 from them. Had a look at the earzone site and saw the second hand section of it, are there any other sites where I can look for second hand headphones besides Ruten?
Where is earzone located at? I am interested in recabling my CAL!'s. But haven't found a place that I feel comfortable with. Went to Guan Hwa to get a custom cable made for my Fiio E7. But want more options and to compare. The 15cm piece of wire ended up costing 1400 NT. I tried out the 668B's also, but might look into a pair of XB700's or TM1's. I usually alternate with what I upgrade, just bought the Tamron 70-300mm VC, so headphones are next. I really like,my Fiio E7...
Haha, I think everything is overpriced here. Thats why I get people coming over from the States to bring over ones I have bought on Amazon. There is a shop closer to Hsimen Station that gives me decent prices because I go so often. I used to have more IEM's but love the soundstage and comfort of full size ones now. I have the Superlux HD681B, but it's one of the least used of all my headphones. But how do you like the HD668B's? I alos noticed that you like photography...
Nice. Will check it out on the weekend. How were the prices? Were they cheaper or more expensive than the Apple stores? I listened to the beats pro's at inside the Eslite in the same area. It sounded a little artificial to me. You are a lot more knowledgeable about IEM's than me, what do you think of the IE8's?
Any luck with finding the the custom IEM's? I can ask around at the shops I go to.  just noticed you had the Shure SRH 840's, How do you like them?
According to the map on the page. It's closer to CKS Station.  This is from the website. I usually go to the shops by Main Station for my headphones and equipment. Tell me what you think about them. Have been there couple times and they seemed pretty friendly and knowledgeable. 
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