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Selling due to upgrading to a Valhalla 2. Excellent condition. Used for maybe 50-100 hours total. No issues cosmetically and in perfect working order. $100, free shipping, PayPal only. CONUS only.
Purchased brand new probably about 6 months ago. Really just wanted to finally try a Grado, and as I expected, Grado’s signature isn’t for me. These have been unused for months. Probably less than 5 hours head time.   $80. Free Shipping, CONUS only. PayPal only.
They look practically brand new. The box is a little beat up, but that's about it. Couldn't find any cosmetic issues, and they work perfect. Selling due to lack of head time (practically unused since the first week of owning) and clearing out some of my inventory. Includes case, and both cables that come with it. Free shipping, $80 PayPal only. CONUS only.
These are beautiful! Keeping an eye on this thread.
After some more research on your suggestion I realized that the little DAC I'm using atm can be used as a USB to optical converter. So needless to say after reading nothing but positive comments about it, I'm in for one Beresford Bushmaster MKII. Thanks for the suggestion :).
Unfortunately my laptop has no spdif out so USB is a must :(.
What (relatively) budget DAC's would you guys suggest to pair with a Vali to hold over till TOTL?
The AKG K712 were purchased from here by member chicolom. Purchase date was 8/24/13 I am the second owner. They are in mint condition, no scratches, dents, or blemishes of any sort. Includes everything it comes with from the factory, original box, cables, etc. PayPal only, continental U.S only, USPS priority, free shipping, no PP fees, $325 out the door. Price is firm and no trades.   Mad Dogs are sold!
Perfect working condition, no blemishes. Purchased a few months after it came out. PayPal only, free shipping, $75 out the door! Comes with wall charger only and unit itself (duh). No original box, manuals, etc. Continental US only, priority USPS shipping unless you want to pay for another service.   Thanks!
Got mine about a week ago. Paired with the HD800, sounds great! I don't get any ringing or noise whatsoever, even when tapping or unplugging headphones.
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