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Just finally got my confirmation email a few minutes ago. Yay, I guess.  
Well I got a pre-authorization debit from my bank account via PayPal...maybe it went through? It doesn't show up in my MD account though, and I didn't get an email. What a disaster.
I've been considering the TH-600 for some time now, so when this popped up I had to jump on it. Hopefully it will be a decent (semi)closed counterpart to my HE-400; the reviews seem promising. Got in when around 1050 had been sold yesterday.
Do any H10 owners have thoughts on pairing this amp with the HE-400? I am looking to begin my upgrade from the Magni/Modi setup I have (soon to be followed by a DAC upgrade), and from what I have seen in this thread, this seems to be a good place to start.
Wow, that copper piping looks awesome!  You are one of only a few people I have seen that have used solid piping for their water cooling setups.   My rig has been updated since I last posted it, so I shall post it again:       Specs: CPU: 2500k @ 4.2 GHz (I have a horrible chip, that will soon get upgraded) CPU Cooling: Antec Kuhler H2O 620 liquid cooling system Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H RAM: 16 GB G.Skill RipJaws X @ 1600 MHz Video...
  In this past week's episode, it was...or just foreshadowing... 
I've updated many parts in my computer since a year or so ago when I last posted in this thread, so...     CPU Intel Core i5 2500K @ 4.5 GHz corespeed: 4.5 GHz GHz voltage: 1.38 V RAM G.Skill Ripjaws: 16GB @ 1600 MHz size: 16 GBytes Optical...
I would be interested in attending this; I have never been to a meetup before.  Unfortunately, I probably don't have much gear that would be of interest to most of you, my best rig is a FiiO E17 and a DT990 250.
I somehow failed to notice this thread until now! Anyhow... Rarity is best pony. :3  
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