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Sweet sounding headphone I unfortunately no longer have time to listen to. They have been modded and measured according to the instructions by bluemonkeyflyer. The excellent orthodynamic drivers from Fostex have been brought to their full potential. They hit quickly, with excellent punchy bass and a clear treble. The sound signature could be described as close to reference, with a slight emphasis on the low end. They blow both the ATH-M50, and AKG K550 cleanly out of the...
Home from school again, and reopening this listing. Unfortunately, don't spend enough time at home to justify keeping a desktop setup. MSRP is $450, but putting a low price in the hope that someone else will be able to provide a home and enjoy this amp!    Up for sale is a Shonyun 301 Pro in excellent condition. This is a two-piece unit, with the power supply and amplifier housed in separate enclosures. They stack neatly on top of one another, and connect with an...
I regularly run my GR07 straight out of the UD100 and have had no problems yet. The same goes for a few other headphones I have. This DAC is USB-powered; it should not have the capability of blowing out a pair of headphones.
For a 4-pin XLR? One ground-signal pair should be going to each RCA. The inner section is signal, the outer ring is ground.
The UD100 sounds great, but is balanced across the board in terms of sound. Bass is tighter, and the highs are clearer with possibly a tad of emphasis. I'd expect the Hifimediy to sound roughly the same. 
And if the plethora of links above do not have what you are looking for, take a meander around Lunashops.com. They have plenty of nice plugs for reasonable prices.
If you look at the second plug you posted, you'll notice that there is a short cylinder of a smaller diameter near the base. That is designed to be used with music players in cases. I believe most Neutrik plugs have them. Also, there's nothing wrong with recabling headphones for use with mobile devices. My modded T50RP came with a 4-pin XLR adapter that I replaced with a TRS plug. It just made my setup cleaner with one fewer adapter laying around.
The portable aspect will be very difficult to achieve. Speaker drivers are relatively easy to procure, but not ones that sound decent and are high-enough efficiency to perform off a battery-powered amplifier. Your best bet may be just to buy the Logitech Bluetooth speaker off Amazon.
Take a look at the Mayflower Electronics T50RP. It looks like a perfect match for what you are looking for!
I typically do not use EQ, but thank you for the tip!
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