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So I'm thinking of picking up an HTC Arrive / 7 Pro to replace my Blackberry and ZuneHD (both will be missed) and wondering if anyone has experience with the sound quality. And before anyone makes any phone recommendations, I'm only switching for ZunePass and am kinda stuck on Sprint so Arrive is the only option. So my question is, what does everyone think of the sound quality? I'm satisfied with the ZuneHD SQ. I've heard a few WP7 phones and they seem to be a hit or...
What about the Panasonic HJE900? Bassy, detailed, natural, decent soundstage... seems to have most of your bases covered. I got mine for about $75 USD which is just over your limit at $54 Euros, not sure what the price is on these over there.
Ingenius! I just took apart a clicky pen and put on one. Simple! Thanks!  
I quite enjoyed these with Comply tips but just switched to UE tips. I'm usually a Comply guy, but I think these do sound better with UE. I was A/B-ing these with Comply tips on against the DBAs and the DBAs just sounded more realistic, felt live if you will. Then I swapped the Comply tips on the HJE for UE tips and the sound came closer to that of the DBA in terms of that 'live' realistic feel.   Listening to "Jim Keltner" on The Scheffield Track & Record right now...
Yup, I'm using T400 tips.
Wow, just got these in today. No more than 5 hours in, but am already quite impressed. I have Comply tips on these though. Bass quantity is 'just right' for me, present and impactful without being bloated.
I had the same problem myself with the included triples. Not quite a solution, but if you like the triples, Ety triples fit much tighter and don't come out.  
Just got mine in today! I do find these a bit tougher to fit than any other IEMs I have. I wasn't able to get a good seal with anything included in the package. Only tips that fit so far are the Ety triple flanges, and they fit great (thanks slaters!), it just takes some effort to get them in right. Also, I'm wearing mine hanging down, reversing L and R, fit just fine. Some very initial impressions:   When I initially plugged them in, without any music playing, there...
I can imagine that review would be like... Sound is very "airy". Also very comfortable, almost like nothing is even there. There is however, no isolation at all.   I suppose you can shove some triple flanges in your ears and pretend you have them on DBAs. =)  
You might want to try Selek listed on Fischer Audio's website:   Though their website only lists Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.  
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