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Interested in going half sees on the 2 for 1 deal nvx ex10
I am trying to pick either between the dunu dm-1000, the sony xba-h3, or the ie80's. Any input would be much apprecieted 
so you think the dunu dn 1000 is better than the xba h3?
any one have the dn1000 and the sony xba-h3? If so how do they compare
any impressions on the ex1000 vs the ie80 if price was the same?
yes they are
bumping this up as I am back home and have all the iems in my possession to sale or trade
 I have up for trade/sale Monster pro coppers, etymotic hf5. triplefi 10, and the fischer dba-02. Possibly looking to try something new if not sale all of them. Thanks   Here is my archived feedback
I guess ares ..
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