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Does bigger Watt always mean bigger Ampere? Or voltage and current magnitude delivered depends on amp topology? Thanks
Nice to hear you are happy with this awesome stack just like me wasThe Modi2U and Magni2U aluminum finishs are mismatch as well :| About imbalanced volume, I suggest you to try to gently shake the RCA interconnects on the back of the stack, i think it will work.
Can you please tell me what dac and headphone that you used to compare the Modi 2U to the 2 Bifrost versions ? I am satisfied now with my Modi 2U but after reading some reviews on this thread i just want to upgrade to a Bifrost In my experience with Schiit amps, the expensive does not always mean better. So i am also a little skeptical of dacs upgrading. Thanks
Hello guys, I have something to share. For who cannot install firmware and make the Modi 2 U recognized on computer: Just check if the dac is connecting to an USB 3.0 port. If yes, unplug it and connect to an USB 2.0 and everything works smoothly
I cannot distinguish any difference in sq from my Modi 2 uber when playing music right after it is turned on vs leaving it turned on for several hours. I think I am not Dac deaf because I could hear the difference between the Modi 2 U and the HRT music streamer 3. Both were connected into my Magni 2 U amp and my LCD-2 ver2.
Yes Magni 2 uber is more powerful than Magni 2. I have both. The difference between these  2 amps that i can hear is the Magni2 uber has more treble and is more lively than the non-uber version. The non-uber version is wamer and more relaxed though.Here is my impression: http://www.head-fi.org/t/748067/official-schiit-magni-modi-2-uber-thread/1575#post_12363776
Hello, Just want to buy a Schiit Bifrost.The multibit version price is a little too much to me but i can strain. I have a Schiit Magni 2. Do you guys think i will hear the difference between 2 Bifrost versions with this amp? Because some said the difference is really small (even their gears are really hi-end compared to mine). Thank you so much p/s: My headphone is the Audeze non-fazor LCD-2 r2 
Hello, I had some experience with some Schiit amps paired with my LCD-2 r2 and want to share Sorry for my English I bought the Mjolnir 1 after selling the Asgard 1. I loved the combo Lcd-2+Asgard+Hrt music stream ii so much but my greed in me just wanted to hear something even better. I was wrong. Because with the Mjolnir i did not enjoy my music as before.. I di'n't know why it happened. The Mjolnir was more clean and have more authority in the sound. The amp also...
um..no. Because my headphone is the Lcd-2 and i borrowed my friend's Asgard 2 for just 2 day, only high gain mode was used. Sorry 
Is there anything wrong because i prefer the sound of the original Asgard to the Asgard 2? I heard the original to be euphonic, natural and spacious ,the Asgard 2 is more forward and compressed.
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