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Hello, After turning on the Vali2 for few seconds, there is a loud pop sound in my headphone (not from the amp). Is there anyone out here have this problem with the Vali2 like me? I am afraid it will broken my headphone :(. Thanks
Sorry for late reply. Due to Lunar New year, all my new amps are stuck at airport My Dac are the Modi2u and the Mumby. The Vali2 used with the 6922 EH tube.I think I like the Asgard 2 most and the Vali2 least.The Magni2u have an impact bass and lively/cool treble and sounds very alike to my old Mjolnir. I have used the Magni2u for a long time so that I am very familiar with its sound. And the first time I heard the Asgard, all my music just suddenly sounded very "Slow" and...
I don't have the Sine but the LCd-2.Tomorrow I will compare the vali2 to the Asgard2 and Magni2u and I will let you know :)
I hope those are not entry level products because I just bought a bunch of Schiit stuffs for re-selling :)
Yeah it is the Gumby. It is not so big, just because the Mumby is so tiny .  Yes if you can, go to the Gumby. I don't say that for justifying my purchase because the Gumby is not mine. I will sell the Mumby because I can live with the Modi2U for economy but the Gumby is really on an other class.
  Hello everybody, Tonight I listened to the Gumby and compared it to the Mumby. I want to share my thought. My amp is the Magni2U and my headphone is the Brainwavz B2. I listend mostly to Flac music (16bit, 44100kHz). I chose this headphone because it changes the sound very accurately​ to the slightest change from the source or EQ. The 2 Dacs don't sound very familiarly to my ear. Gumby's advantages over Mumby: ​+It has a wider soundstage. ​+It has more detail...
Hi, I can understand it. 40% better treble means that while the Bimby is a very dark souding dac, the low-volume treble(compared to the volume of bass and mids section) has a very good quality. Just like the treble on my LCD-2 r2   Btw, I have just bought a Gumby. I wil compare it to my old Mumby via several SE amplifiers and will tell you guys my thought 
Why is there so few comment on Vali 2 paired with the LCD-2? Were they not born for each other?  
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