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Cannot agree more with your review. The orthos sound very much natural and realistic while still very liquid and inviting. This thing maybe, to me, the ATH, Grado, or JVC.. owners will never understand "My experience with them over time, is that they grow and grow on you like a friend that you end up marrying haha. You do need to give them time.. Let your brain burn in with them!".=> I just fall in love with your portrayal. It is exactly what i underwent with my LCD-2...
Hi,What is the difference? Can you give me the links? Thanks
I have the LCD-2. Your posts really make me comfortable :D Thanks :D
hixx hix
Hi there, I'm looking for an used balanced ADZ5 or ADZ6 cable that works well and is OK looking. I want it for $45 and maybe a little more (depending on the cable's condition) and it should be from a good feedback seller. The shipping fee is on seller and paypal fee is on me. Please inbox me if you are interested ^^.
Hi, $320 for a w4R is really a good deal i think. I will rate the W4 a neutral headphone. Not cold nor warmth indeed. Treble on the W4 is better than Gr07's treble. Treble is more shimmering, more metallic on the W4. Bass is on par cause the GR07's bass is more solid and impact. But the W4's bass is fuller. Because i think Gr07 slightly lacks the low bass region. Mids on the W4 is better. It doesn't dip on the high-mids region like the Gr07. Female singers song with...
Hi, I think almost IEMs have no need for an external amplifier. Besides, i think my old iphone 4,4s and 5 have better sound quality than my old Cowon J3 when paired with my W4, sony Ex1000 and Vsonic gr07. If you want to get a bigger sound quality then you should buy a dedicated (porrtable) amplifier and a fullsize headphone. That is my 2 cents ^^
Well, the comparison is really interesting. I will go to the local store to try the Z and the Z ultra tomorrow. Cause i am in need a good sound quality Android phone right now. I have owned some Xperia phones, the galaxy s3 and the iphone4, 4s, 5. Just as you said. The S3's audio quality is worst among them when i connect directly this phone to my Gr07. The sound of Xperia phones are so so. The bass on those phones are very good. Solid and impact. The mids and treble is...
Mine is Asian Exynos version ^^!
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