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If i want a more mellow and natural sound, which one is better to buy? The Asgard 2 amplifier or the Modi Multibit dac? My stack is now Modi2u/Magni2u. According to my memory, my old Asgard 1 had a mellow and natural sound that i loved very much. Thanks,
I was a fan of HRT until i got the Modi2u. Actually i owned the Music Streamer 2 for years then I bought the Music Streamer 3 at the same time with the Schiit dac. To me the Modi is better. It has a 3D soundstage and more natural sound compared to a flat soundstage and weird glare (esp in the high-mids) of the HRT dacs. Maybe the hype went away because of the competition.
I asked Schiit once the same question but they refused to answer me. According to my experience, amp will make a bigger difference than dac ymmv.
I second that. I also like the Asgard 1 better than the Mjolnir 1 paired with the LCD-2 rev2.And i think the Mjolnir only put into 60ohm-LCD-2 ~5Watts when you are at max volume. So if you use the headphone at small volume, the power difference between the 2 amps would not be huge. Am i mistaken or not?btw, i really think the Mjolnir has problem with its treble range.
Hi,Can you tell me why the Bifrost 4490 does not suit the Jot but pair very well with the Asgard 2? Thanks
=p I get it. But because I was using the amp at very low volume, the Magni 2 U was just semi warm (37-40 degree Celsius I guess ).Yeah I use the high gain because the sound quality of low gain is so medicocre. I don't know why.I had just remembered that Schiit only noted that we should use the low gain as some in-ear headphones are very sensitive to hiss. And i really didn't hear any hiss or noise whatsoever with my B2 so i dared to try the high gain.Just remember to turn...
 Schiit really makes a great entry level combo. Never tried to use my B2 with the Magni2 Uber because of the fear of blowing  . Tonight i did not even recognize my old in ear headphone. What a bass. So deep and so full.  P/s: The high gain mode sounds far better than the low gain. Volume matched.
In my experience with the LCD-2 and some Schiit amps, the high gain mode always sounds better. At low gain, the sound becomes too soft, has less attacks, impacts. Generally it is a vague and too laidback sound. I dont know the reason. I have not tried using amp with iems but i will in near future ^^
 I have just almost asked you about that. Nice to know that you didn't hear any difference between 2 inputs I have always wanted my Modi2u got a better sound quality throught the coaxial but building a CPU for SPDIF is not an easy work to me
 Some said they liked the Bifrost 4490 more than the Bimby. And according to Sallison87 the difference between the Bifrost 4490 and Mumby is no huge. So imho the Bimby would not be worth the $350 over the Mumby 
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