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Are these sold?
I'm very interested. What all do these come with?   Are you able to overnight them to me in Tempe Arizona? I need them by tomorrow afternoon.. (going out of town, and I want them for the plane)
Do you use an amp when you listen?
I've heard the Golds drown out the mids. is that true?   I love bass in my music, but I also really dig clarity
I'm thinking about getting an iBasso T3 to complement my Monster Turbine Pros...   Would that amp make a difference in driving the IEMs?
Bump please.    I plan to buy one or the other tonight!   Thanks!
I listen to a very wide range of music. Everything from rap/hip-hop to piano rock... I love clarity, but I have to have a solid amount of bass
Hey, I just ordered the Monster Turbine Golds for $188.   If you all had 188 to drop on IEMs, would you go for the Golds or something else?  
Really?   Why?    I've had the 5's and loved them, but I'm looking to try something different....   Thanks!
Hey,   I just ordered the Monster Turbine Pro (Gold) for $188 shipped.   Is that a good deal? or should I cancel the order? ha
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