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Thats a good thought actually, they look very much up my alley.
Cheers, working on that thread but theres a ton of information to sift through.I like the look of the Shure SE535s or the Logitech UE900s, but both are above the budget which may be increasing very soon! ^^
Basically looking for something with low sound leakage, amazing sound isolation and great comfort Something with a neutral sound signature would be great, but will consider other things - on that note electronica and classical are my main listening tastes. Budget it up to £250 but flexible if gains are worth it. I'm aware there isn't much to go on but I honestly don't know the first thing about IEMs.
I'll be honest, the LCD-2's are interesting me a lot. But I imagine I'd need to pickup a tube amp for that?
Just looking for an upgrade, no budget really.   What I like about my current phones is that the sub bass is really nice and I can feel a significant amount of depth in tracks. However at higher volumes they're definitely too bright for me and I'm a huge treble whore. I'm not bothered if its open back or closed because they will be used exclusively at home anyway.   What I have currently is:   Amp: Neco Soundlab Mosfett Amp DAC: Audio-GD...
My price range is between £300-350 and these two are more or less perfectly inside that region, if anyone has any other suggestions feel free to say so.   But which out of these two is the better DAC? I'll be using optical or coax from my PC.
Where would the best place to get one of these in the UK at a reasonable price?
Nobody have an opinion on those DACs in comparison with each other?
I've been looking at: DacMagic 100, DacMagic Plus, Schiit Bifrost and the Firestone Fubar 4.   Which of these is the best and how big is the difference between the DacMagic 100 and Plus.
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