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I know everyone hates the stock ipod earbuds, but theyre the only thing I can make a comparison with...So which is louder without the amp and cranked up to full volume on the ipod, the hd600's or the ipod stock earbuds
When you say a headphone needs an amp does it mean that you cant hear the music without one? cuz some people are suggesting the hd600 without an amp and arent suggesting the hd650 without an amp, I dont understand this because because they are both 300 ohm impedance models. could someone explain?
Thanks, I was skeptical of amazon and some other stores because the prices were too good to be true, but I guess their just good prices now. I used google shopping, but I didnt know about the "authorized seller" thing.
I'm almost certain that I'll be purchasing the Beyerdynamic dt48e (25ohm), what are the best places to buy from (online)? This will be my first purchase so I dont know the trusted places and I really dont want to get cheated.
So im looking for headphones. Originally I wanted the k701 or sennheiser 650, but then I found out I would have to invest in a good amp to truly appreciate those headphones. So I started looking at headphones with low impedance cuz i guess that if a headphone has a low impedance I wont need an amp as much. I considered the Denon D2000, AD900, and a couple others that were recommended to me. One I came across on the forum, but was not recommended to me was the...
Wow, thanks for the detailed reply, Im a college student so I dont have a ton of money so should I just consider a high quality, low impedance headphone so I wont have to worry about the amp? I was going through the forums and i saw these beyerdynamic dt48 and i heard all of these good things about them, and I think they look great and comfortable, but i can only find one site that sells a 32 ohm model. I guess theres newer models like dt48e but the site doesnt say what...
I heard that a tube amp is best for the k701 so i was considering the darkvoice 336
Thanks, so i dont have to spend $1000 to get good sound?
well, everyone says that the k701's doesnt sound good without an amp, so whats the minimum i would have to pay before they started sounding ok?
I was really looking at the akg k701/702, and the sennheiser hd600, hd650, until i joined head-fi...Some members helped me out and told me that I should avoid these unless I was going to invest in an amp. So, how much is a good amp?
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