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Thanks for the suggestion. However, I can only found replacement for the whole padding, not just the foam disk.   Apologies if my last post was not clear. Here is a picture of the form disks I'm look for.
Hi, I'm looking to buy a pair of damping foams for the Amperior after my was ripped out by some friend's kids last weekend after they got their little hands on it.   So far I can only find the entire padding, but I just need the thin foam circular disks that covers the driver.   Can anyone point out to me where I can buy a pair of the original or aftermarket foam pads?   Many thanks
Hi all,   I'm selling my Sennheiser Amperior as I'm getting a wireless headphone Sony MDRB1RT.   This headphone was brought from Apple Regent Street store on the 1st of October for £260, so it is 5 weeks old.   It is in perfect working and cosmetic condition.   The original box and accessories are included in the auction, and I'll forward the buyer the...
I ordered a Sony MDR1RBT on Amazon UK, it seems to be a good deal at £100 less than on Sony online store.    Now I'm little bit worried at why it is selling at discount, since the seller does not have Amazon affiliation.   Do you guys think this is legit?   Many thanks
    One of my iem have a developed a small hole lately, there was a crack when I fist got it, and it since got worse and I can now see the driver through the hole. Does any one know if there is a easy way to fix this without sending it back to UM Lab?   P.S. The area around the conector have developed a milky colour,  does anyone know why?   Many thanks      
  I found Spotify is great way for discovering new music and 320kbps is as good as you can get from streaming service. You could always purchase higher quality music you want to keep it for your own collection.   I can’t answer your amp question as I do not have the HD25, but personally I found the components make the most difference goes something like this: headphones --> source --> amp. IMO I’d not worry about amp too much, if you want to get one, I’d set aside at most...
  The Merlin sounds fine without an amp, but a portable amp does make it sound much better IMO. My Merlin fit my ears perfect, so their QC is good enough for me.
I’d advise read up on some articles under WIKI section. Simply select most viewed articles and all you need should be in 1st few pages.   Here are couple of examples:   Glossary Of Terms Describing Sound A Glossary
I’m using a compact camera case to store the Merlin. It’s about the same size with hard outer case and there is much more room to fit the merlin than the stock UM case. It was £5 from my local camera shop.    
    I think if you want bass, the Merlin is a very good choice.   I had my for 2 weeks now and the Merlin (or my ears) have open up, the bass is really powerful on the Merlin while still maintain tight/precise control of delivery and does not interfere with mid and high frequencies most of the times.   Couple of examples:   Gone till November by Wyclef, the Merlin produces similar experience of ground shaking effect of a sub woofer.   The sharp drum beats at the beginning...
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