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Holy moly
Need these gone please. I am the brokest I have ever been in my entire life lol :(
price drop OBO
For sale I have like new, in box, Sony MDR-V6 headphones with Beyer ear pads. Original pads are included as well.   PST for any further info/pictures. $60 shipped within the CONUS via Paypal payment. Thanks!
Hi. It's been a while.   I recently picked up a set of older AD700s and WOW. I don't miss my higher end headphones I sold off at all anymore. I'm pairing them with my Marantz 2275 and they're superb. They are unbelievably open, wide, clear, non-sibilant, and heavenly bassy.   Cheers!  
Condition? Flaws?
Sittin' sideways~  
How strange!
 This would be helpful to know as well. 
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