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 The DN-1000 IEM is not hot. Coming from someone who is extremely sensitive to treble and clarity-forward IEMs, these are very mild. I would venture to say your experience and insight was based on source material, not necessarily quality, and tips/fitment. I only say this because I am very intolerant of shrill or fatiguing headphones and will sell them without hesitation, regardless of every other desirable trait being available. I miss sparkle, but not really. Edit: Older...
 Is the black transparent cable different from the ones that come with the Pros?   Definitely!
 Oh man, my wallet thanks you. I just purchased and received the Tennmak Pros (color me impressed!) and was kind of itching to know how the Pianos compared. Sound signatures resembling anything near bright are unkind to my ears. I remember being thoroughly impressed and excited by CK10s, but quickly sold them due to fatigue and discomfort. I'm even happier with my Pros now. IEM audio has come a ways!
We went with the Tennmak Pro and the MaGaosi HLSX-808.   The Tennmak is impressive! Especially at low listening levels. Very clear and non-fatiguing. I'm curious about the Piano now >.>   MaGaosi has not arrived yet.
 I've searched, a lot. Hence the post. I'll read up on a few of your recs   Thanks for the link
Apparently not a lot of fans in the budget IEM realm.
Gonna keep this short and sweet. I haven't been on here in a while. I'm looking for headphones for my GF so she can get some decent SQ and good to better sound isolation while not inserting Etymotic-level stems into her ear canals. So these need to be more comfortable then that. Price range is around $25-60, give or take. Sound signature should ideally stay away from hot treble detail hogs and boosted bass hounds. So something more balanced, refined, even vocal-centric is...
Holy moly
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