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@Olimoronio All the reviews here that say otherwise? You mean yourself and like... 2 others? Good luck with that man. Sure they *might* sound nice, but their quality is downright awful. Go troll somewhere else with your quadruple(lol)posts. Learn to edit. ;)
So that they can fall apart a week and a half later? No thank you.I'm glad these are back in stock, perhaps I can finally purchase a pair. @Katun: The thread's title should be updated. :)
Gizmodo coverage here: http://gizmodo.com/5608906/these-minimal-tma+1-headphones-from-aiaiai-have-me-all-hot-under-the-collar
Are these really smaller than the AV40s? I find that hard to believe.   They do look quite interesting, however. I'd like to try them out.   
Definitely.   Arguably, these are the BEST 2.0 speakers under $150.   I jumped on this deal as well. Unfortunately, it has expired.
  I think I  convinced myself too, haha.   I decided upon a pair of Panasonic RP-HTX7s in white, for $27 shipped from Amazon. I like the retro design, the SQ is on par with the HD201/202 (perhaps slightly better), and they're more portable due to a shorter cord with an extension.    The funny thing is, these were the first headphones I ever considered getting, after reading through this...
    Your suggestion helped much more than you know! Thank you nobleacuff.    I'm really liking the idea of the HD202s. Not because I think they'd be comparable to either the JVCs or the Shures, and not because I think they'd be a good fit in terms of diversity of function. Not even because they're no small, light and portable.    The HD202s bring out what I initially liked in the JVC RX700s: the price tag. These are $20 headphones with, according to you, surprisingly...
@Landis: That's an interesting observation about the fit of the Shures. Apparently these are available in most, if not all, Apple stores--so if I do decide to buy them, I can try them out there first. 
http://www.mavaudio.com/   You're welcome. 
Haha, well I found my Bx5as to be pretty breathtaking myself! We shall see though.   Btw--just curious--what were your first pair of headphones? 
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