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Both cables are SOLD
Still interested if you ever come back!
Still looking......   If you have a used one and aren't looking for $76 dollars for it, send me a PM ;)
My Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 sounded even worse with HD-800's & the Mjolnir...... Just spent another evening LOVING the Mjolnir/Gungnir LCD-2 combo...... Loves this combo 10x my Woo WA22/ W4S DAC-1 / HD800 setup. :)
Can you run it to a different outlet in the same room?
 I have this setup, immediately ordered some LCD-2's to compare to the HD-800's. The HD-800's were sold the next day. I don't know what dupstep is but I listen to everything from Jack Johnson, to Stan Getz to Led Zeppelin and everything sounds great on this setup
you there??????????????
If you have one for sale, send me a message please
Photos added
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