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This has been sold!
I have a Highly modified Caiman that I am selling.   The Caiman has been upgraded with a Wolfson DAC, Nichicon bipolar Muse Capacitors, Wima & Elna Capacitors, and Murata PowerVoltage regulators. I also have installed different opamps including the LM4562HA & TH4032. It's a pretty expensive upgrade but the results are out of this world.   The Caiman has about 50 hours on it.     If you aren't familiar with all the mods they've been discussed...
Price drop $155
Make me an offer people....
Sleek Audio W-1 Wireless Adapter   I no longer have my SA6's hence the sale.   I am including two, one I believe has a sketchy channel.     These are great if you have Sleek SA's and want to go wireless
Open to offers............
I haven't bought much gear since I found JRiver.   Being able to tweak the sound with EQ and plug in satisfies the need to upgrade quite a bit
Changed my mind.......I really like these cans A LOT!  :)
Reasessment of the Alpha Dogs, I really like them them but they do need some serious EQ adjustments to my ears.   Here's my curve for Flamenco Sketches, outstanding! :)   Whoever said they were  bright, not to my ears particularly with Jazz & Samba    
What are you using for a DAC Reddog?
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