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I Agree! I hardly come on here anymore to find new gear. This software helped soo much in finding just the right adjustment my ears were looking for!
I have a mint Woo Audio HPS-R Silver Headphone Stand for sale. Price is $60 shipped.
I have a silver Woo Audio HPS-R that will be for sale if you are interested in that
Payment sent
I'll take it, send me your paypal address. When will you ship it?
Is there an easy way to rewire these to balanced? Can't seem to find a DIY
Thanks for the reply.   Need some ideas on closed cans
  Can't I use a 4 pin XLR to 1/4 jack for a single ended headphones? Am I limited to only balanced headphones with my Schitt setup? 
I was looking at 1/2 that price with the NAD's
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